Tavi (Octavian) Delaunay
Fullname: Octavian Alexander Delaunay
Played by: Tom Holland
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: December 10
Class: Clergy
House: Delaunay
Occupation: Priest of Elua, Noble
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Julius Henri Delaunay and Marina no Coquelicot
Siblings: Emeraude (Twin), multiple younger sisters.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

A relatively young Priest of Elua who grew up in Marsilikos, but then spent several years training in the capital and across the city.


Octavian, who universally goes by Tavi, is the oldest son of the younger son of the Comte Delaunay. The current Comtesse is thus his aunt, his brother's sister. His father caused a minor scandal in the family but outright marrying a Coquelicot courtesan he loved, infuriating the old Comte who had wanted a political match. Things were defrosting when Tavi was 11, with the thought they even might find a title for Julius and Marina, except that shortly after that they died. Tavi blacked out upon finding the news, and woke up in the Temple of Elua where he found peace. After that he dedicated himself to learning medicine so he could save other people who grew ill like his parents, and training as a Priest in the Temple.



emeraude Lady Emeraude Delaunay, former Baroness : My twin sister, the other half of my heartbeat. My best friend. I know you've gone through some difficulties, and I am so sorry; but I am always here for you, and I hope you're back in the city soon.
gabrielle Vicomtesse Gabrielle Rosa Delaunay : The leader of my generation of the family, until she died. What a loss, and what a tragedy. It seems to have struck our family too often. May Elua bless you in the True Terre d'Ange beyond.
perrine Lady Perrine Verreuil : Come and gone, and come and gone again. You deserve happiness and comfort, and I hope you find them; even if they must be away from here.
fiorella Lady Fiorella no Lis d'Or : A child of two worlds—at least. I feel a kinship with her because we are both children of nobility and non, and we share a love of poetry.


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