Symon de Perigeux
Fullname: Symon de Perigeux
Played by: Chris Galya
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: October 15, 1284
Class: Noble
House: Perigeux
Occupation: Heir to House Perigeux
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Étienne de Perigeux and Marcelle Montchapetre de Perigeux, the marquis and marquise de Perigeux
Siblings: A younger brother, Victor (d.)
Marital Status: Open Season
Children: None Known

Known Information

"Symple Symon" as he was often called whilst growing up in Siovale, or "Symon Who?" to those who for a long time weren't even aware that the Perigeux family's main line had produced more than one son, became the heir to house, lands, and marquisate after illness claimed the life of his brilliant younger brother Victor in 1308. He is an affable young man without much going on in his top storey: excellent company for a night of dicing and boozing, but would you really entrust him with rebuilding the fortunes of your fallen house?




oriane The lady with the wine : Yay!
etienne Best friend : How dare he say so many true things!


(1312-06-20) You Make It All Possible
Summary: Happily, after his chilly interview with Chimène, Symon has an even closer friend to help...

(1312-06-20) The Great Benefits of Matrimony
Summary: Poor Symon is summoned to tea, and also to the altar. RL Date: 27/06/2020 Related:...

(1312-06-03) Dumplings
Summary: Soleil bumps into Symon outside of a street vendor and recommends the dumplings. RL Date:...

(1312-05-31) Koningsdag
Summary: Prince Andre van Westerlo is hosting a King's Day festival in honour of the annual...

(1312-05-30) Kahve Delights
Summary: Two well-dressed individuals meet serendipitously and enjoy kahve and conversation...

(1312-05-29) Hidden Depths
Summary: Running into Zéphyrine again over kahve and lokum, Étienne reverts to his perennial...

(1312-05-23) Scabby Queen
Summary: As Hugo confides to Symon, he’d rather be sailing the south seas; but at least La Perle...

(1312-05-22) You're Like A Mule
Summary: Symon has been wondering whether Chimène is cross with him. He endeavours to find out, only...

(1312-05-22) Embarrassing Enough
Summary: Even distraught young men have to eat. RL Date: 17/05/2020 Related: Wallowing in Grief,...

(1312-05-22) Counterproposals
Summary: Symon comes home in poor spirits and with dire matters to discuss, only to find that...

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