Symon de Perigeux
Fullname: Symon de Perigeux
Played by: Chris Galya
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: October 15, 1284
Class: Noble
House: Perigeux
Occupation: Heir to House Perigeux
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Etienne and Marcelle de Perigeux, the marquis and marquise de Perigeux
Siblings: A younger brother, Victor (d.)
Marital Status: Open Season
Children: None Known

Known Information

"Symple Symon" as he was often called whilst growing up in Siovale, or "Symon Who?" to those who for a long time weren't even aware that the Perigeux family's main line had produced more than one son, became the heir to house, lands, and marquisate after illness claimed the life of his brilliant younger brother Victor in 1308. He is an affable young man without much going on in his top storey: excellent company for a night of dicing and boozing, but would you really entrust him with rebuilding the fortunes of your fallen house?




oriane The lady with the wine : Yay!


(1310-12-12) Late for a Very Important Date
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(1310-12-11) The Dance of Halcyon
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(1310-11-29) Consortship Ceremony
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(1310-11-20) Insults and Instruments
Summary: Étienne and Symon discuss Kusheline manners and then Étienne shows Symon the relationship...

(1310-11-20) Another Fine Sip
Summary: Assorted young people meet in a tavern. RL Date: 11/20/18 Related: None ...

(1310-11-11) Triple Or Quits
Summary: At the recommendation of his friend, the future duchesse de Roussillion, Symon Perigeux...

(1310-11-11) The Society for the Scrounging of Supper
Summary: A young man visits Oriane Somerville de Toluard bearing a letter of introduction he is...

(1310-11-11) Supper Scrounging After Party
Summary: Symon introduces Étienne to a local vintage. RL Date: 11/16-11/18 2018 Related: The...

(1310-11-07) Winning By Losing
Summary: Symon seeks an escort to a particularly dire evening party. Chimène just wants a bit of...

(1310-11-03) In Which Luck Is Tested
Summary: Veronique gives Symon a few pointers about gambling. The always-scandalous Ondine...

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