Suzanne Delaunay
Fullname: Suzanne Charlotte Delaunay
Played by: Sophie Skelton
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: July 23, 1291
Class: Noble
House: Delaunay
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Rognac, heir to the Comté Delaunay
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Comtesse Yseult Delaunay, Louis d'Essoms Delaunay
Siblings: Gabrielle (d. 1311)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

The newly-inherited Vicomtesse de Rognac and heir to Comté Delaunay, Suzanne is a novice scholar and artist, come to Marsilikos to expand her circle of connections.


Suzanne was born as the younger daughter of the future Comtesse Delaunay. Some four years younger than her sister, Gabrielle, Suzanne's elder sibling became something of an idol: but at the same time, she felt as if she was in her sister's shadow; always a touch plainer than her captivating sister. From a tender age, the second-born daughter showed her creative heart, and her parents found tutors so that she could dance and sing well enough to become a courtier of interest.

Always more than competent as a scholar, her parents arranged for her to go to Tiberium to receive a higher education when she reached her age of majority. At first, Suzanne found the Caerdicci tongue hard to master, the cuisine a little too unfamiliar, the noble students a little too overwhelming, but the experience managed to coax the slightly shy noblewoman out of her shell. After some months, she had overcome her initial stumbles, and proved herself to be a fine student and entertaining acquaintance to others in the city.

And yet, just as everything seemed to be going right in Suzanne's life, tragedy would strike: she learned of her sister's sudden, untimely death. At once, she took the first ship from the city, and returned to Aix in mourning. All too sudden, she was now the new Vicomtesse de Rognac, heiress to the Comté. While she took time to get past Gabrielle's demise, her family was concerned about educating Suzanne to be the new Comtesse. Formally withdrawing from the University, she would spend close to a year attempting to perfect all political minutiae and etiquette that she had learnt in her youth.

After enough time had passed, the Comtesse Delaunay advised her daughter to travel to the provincial court in Marsilikos to forge political connections, as her sister had done before her. While she had made acquaintances in Tiberium, her time there had been cut short, and the priority was for her to be more intimately involved with the local nobility. Suzanne was full of uncertainties: while she had proved herself a fine courtier in Tiberium, she was now to fully have to live in her sister's shadow, and replace her in the eyes of the public. Yet, she could only accept her parents' wishes, and came to establish herself in the city.




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