Sun Liang
Fullname: Sun Liang
Played by: Jet Li
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthdate: May 21, 1286
Class: Foreigner
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Bodyguard
Province: Eisande
Country: Ch'in
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Deceased
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Very little is publically known about Sun Liang aside from the obvious: He is a masterful swordsman hailing from the far-away lands of Chi'in.


Sun Liang was born in 1286 in the foreign and far-away land of Chi'in to what many would call a very honorable family. They served the emperor there as generals and great warriors, and many heroes belong in their bloodline. However, Sun Liang was going to be one of such warriors. Trained heavily in swordsmanship and in the families martial arts (the equivalent of Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, and Tai Chi), Sun Liang was a masterful warrior by the age of 16. He had many friends, and he was rewarded with position after five years of loyal service to the country's army as a great warrior.


When his family was murdered by assassins, sent from a rival house? Sun Liang was forced to flee, stowing away on one of the trading boats from the Terre Dange.

He successfully hid until they made port next.

Soon after they did arrive in the next port, one of the boats cargo was stolen along with some crew by thieves attempting to hold it all for ransom. Thankfully spurred by the need to act, Sun Liang managed to defeat the crmininals and save both crew (some from mortal peril) AND cargo from the thieves. The captain thanked Sun Liang, and asked for his story. After telling the story to the captain after using one of the ship's traders(who happened to know the Chi'in tongue) as a mediator, the captain was both touched by his story AND grateful that he saved both his cargo and his crewmen.

Thus was Sun Liang granted permission to stay on the boat until they arrived in Marsilikos. After spending time with the sailors, who took a liking to him (especially the men he saved) Sun Liang learned the D'Angeline tongue to fluency during the 7-month trip. After arriving in Marsilikos, Sun Liang honored his agreement and left the boat, having only his sword and the clothes on his back. But, fortune would smile upon this foreign swordsman, as he witnessed an attempted mugging occur and like a flash, he stopped them and returned the items to a young woman. As it happens, this woman was a Lady of House Baphinol. Impressed with his skills, she told others in her family about this event, and the family took the foreigner on as a bodyguard for the house. Its not uncommon to see him close to Lords and Ladies, and tends to keep a watchful eye on the House and its assets in general.

One can only wonder where his adventures will take him now.





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