Sombra de Morhban
Fullname: Sombra Aeros de Morbhan
Played by: Meghan Ory
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: July 1st
Class: Noble
House: Morhban
Occupation: Lady - Unlanded Noble
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre Dange
Parents: Father: Tritan Geoffrey de Morhban
Mother: Lisette Montreve de Morhban
Siblings: Older Sister who is the heir
Two younger siblings
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Loves languages
Has a sweet tooth
Has a passion for writing.
Currently trying to learn Flatlandish and Hellene.


Second born out of four to Vicomte Tritan Geoffrey de Morhban and Vicomtess-Consort Lisette Montreve de Morhban. And has a passion for learning all languages. Currently she speaks: Aragonian, Caerdicci, Cruithne, and Skaldic.




victoria Victoria Allure Rousse/Heir to Baronnie de Tanneron : We share in hobbies and she is helping me become better with my horse. I enjoy spending time with her.
foulque Foulque Shahrizai/Vicomte De Tours : Betrothed to my dear friend Victoria. I am glad you make her so happy.
augustin Augustin Ghislain Trevalion/Vicomte de Rouen : A language for a language I think is a fine trade. And I am sure we will run into one another quite often within the city.
antoine Antoine Alexandre de Valais/Vicomte de Marcoux : I am glad with both share a bit of a sweet tooth. Ever curious to read your poetry and see how well you sketch. Hopefully such curiosities will be sated soon.
gauge Gauge d'Eresse/Baron de Beaucare : Briefly met but seems a pleasant captain. Curious about the tales he may have of his times at sea.


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