Soleil nó Coquelicot de L'Envers
Fullname: Soleil Pervenche nó Coquelicot de L'Envers
Played by: Holliday Grainger
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthdate: July 6, 1284
Class: Noble
House: L'Envers
Occupation: Lady
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Heirs to the Baronne de Vézelay
Siblings: Several
Marital Status: Betrothed to Augustin de Trevalion
Children: None

Known Information

A Mont Nuit trained courtesan from the capital city of Elua, Soleil came to Marsilikos to accompany her grandmother, the elderly and ailing Baronne de Vézelay. She took up residence at the Salon de Coquelicot, where she was soon honoured by being appointed Gentian Second. In the summer of 1312, however, she resigned from that position in advance of her marriage to a distinguished patron, Augustin de Trevalion, the vicomte de Rouen.


A grand-daughter of the present and by now rather elderly baronne de Vézelay, Soleil was never in line to inherit land, title, or great prominence in the world — but Naamah's blood ran strongly in her veins and from her earliest childhood it was apparent to the adults of her family that she had the gentle heart, the natural serenity, and the slow-blossoming beauty of a true servant of Naamah. Raised with her siblings and a few cousins she had the ordinary education of a young noblewoman, vaguely aware for as long as she could remember that when the time came she would be offered to the Night Court to continue her training there.

At thirteen she was dedicated to Naamah as a Gentian. Her debut came shortly after her 16th birthday and she was five years in making her marque, Gentian assignations being slow but steady, and each patron requiring considerable time, and effort, and care.

She gained a reputation as unerringly accurate when it came to interpreting dreams, issuing serious warnings with utter surety. Many thought that she'd leave service to marry the second son of a duc, a long-term patron with whom she was in love, but she interpreted a dream of his that suggested he was deeply troubled by a childhood incident with a dark colored horse, and for three days she warned him of the meaning and potential of the dream. On the fourth day, he went on a hunting trip with his brother, and when his bay mare was lamed, borrowed a black stallion. His underlying anxieties led to carelessness atop his borrowed mount, and he was killed when the stallion jumped a fence and threw him, and Soleil remained in service as a courtesan, swearing that she could not leave her life's work and thus abandon her patrons to the unknown.

The baronne de Vézelay, now in her seventies and suffering persistent ill health, has elected to winter in Marsilikos and perhaps — if all goes well — abdicate in her heir's favour and settle permanently in Eisande. In family councils it was concluded that one of the grandchildren had better go too, just to be there in case of need — and so Soleil, unflappable in the face of change, has followed her grandmother south to serve Naamah at the Salon de Coquelicot.

She made a remarkably good impression at the Salon de Coquelicot, frequently working with the novices and adepts to help further their understanding of their roles within the salon, their psychological responsibilities to patrons as courtesans who focused on healing, and the importance of health of the mind, body, and heart. She was appointed Second for a time to honor her for this work, and she accepted the responsibility with grace.

Now she is preparing to be the vicomtesse of Rouen.






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