Solange Le Blanc nó Bryony
Fullname: Solange Le Blanc nó Bryony
Played by: Sasha Luss
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: October 13th
Class: Noble
House: Bryony
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Baron Julien Le Blanc, Baronesse Marie Le Blanc
Siblings: Several
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Solange is a temporary courtesan character created for the Longest Night event

A courtesan of House Bryony on Mont Nuit within the City of Elua. Solange's specialties are card games and dice, and she is often asked to host private gambling functions for some of the foremost families of the city.


Solange is the third child of Baron Julien Le Blanc and his wife, Marie. She was fostered first within House Cereus on Mont Nuit, in part due to her delicate looks and impeccable lineage. She settled well, embodying all that could be hoped for in flower of that house, but it was soon noticed that though she was a near perfect fit for Cereus, there were facets for her which weren't being catered for. She had a sharpness of intellect, a quickness of mind that enabled her to pick up well the nuances of the games they were taught as part of their courtesan skillset. She came to the notice of the House Bryony, and thereafter a meeting was held between the Dowaynes of both that house and Cereus', and a transfer was made.

Her new house suited the bias of her intelligence better, and she learned the fine art of subterfuge so that she could mask her emotions when laying down cards or spilling dice from a cup. With a head for figures, she rose to the challenges of all things numerical; subtley counting cards and weighing the odds in her favour, though more importantly than this, she learned the value of recognising when she needed to lose in order to win.

Her debut was an event of her own design, with a purse of five thousand ducats being the price of entry to the most favoured six bidders of her choosing. It was an evening when wine and money flowed freely, and the salon's Gambling Hall's tables were filled by those who were eager to participate in the evening's entertainment, and to spectate what was surely fated to be the most hard-played game of year. The six played hand after hand into the early hours of the morning, until eventually one rose victorious above the others. Thirty thousand ducats had been lost and won, and this was the price for securing her debut.

By eighteen her marque had been made, and she's remained with the salong where she reigns supreme at the gaming tables and the wider venue of the City itself.




(1310-12-21) Elua: Longest Night on Mont Nuit
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