Sarielle mac Caolan nó Lis d'Or
Fullname: Sarielle mac Caolan nó Lis d'Or
Played by: Melissa Hamilton
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: May 27th
Class: Courtesan
House: Lis d'Or
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Allete of Eisande and Caolan mac Martin (Eire)
Siblings: No maternal; paternal unknown
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

  • Recently completed her marque at the Salon de Lis d'Or
  • Talented dancer
  • Her madcap genius extends to creating elaborate clothing ensembles, though she's just starting to make a name for herself as such.
  • Spent childhood in Eire, so she's a bit of a lilting accent


Born to a priestess of Eisheth trained as a chirurgeon and a half-d'Angeline, half-Eiran father, Sarielle's first few years were spent in a pleasant sort of exile in the household of a d'Angeline ambassador on Eiran soil. Her aptitude in her preferred arts became apparent at an early age, as she created elaborate choreography and wardrobe for performances for whomever she could muster. While she was appreciated in Eire, there weren't the resources for her to begin training in earnest.

She returned with her mother, called back to Eisheth's service, to Terre d'Ange when she was seven and was instantly enamored with the land that was her birthright. When they arrived in Marsilikos she was besotted. After much cajoling on the part of her and her newly found young cousins in residence, she convinced her mother to let her be fostered with her aunt, uncle, and their brood of younglings rather than staying at the Sanctuary.

Thoroughly immersed in d'Angeline culture, Sarielle felt truly at home for the first time in her life. Naamah's service called to her as she approached adolescence. She approached her mother about entering the Night Court, knowing she would understand. Thus, upon gaining her tenth year, she was presented to the Lis d'Or and taken on as a novice. There, the madcap genius she demonstrated was nurtured, and Sarielle debuted in the spring of 1310.




emmanuelle Madame le professeur d'algolagnia : It's hard to believe Maman studied with prior Dowayne of Mandrake. I'm not sure I'm fully comfortable with her insights.
ortolette Poupée en porcelaine : Another woman of House Mereliot
helene Érudite de Poumarous : She has always been sweet to me. I'm interested to see the translation of that Bhodistani text when it's finished.


(1311-12-11) Worship with the Cat
Summary: Anse bumps into Soleil at the Temple of Naamah, and Sarielle joins them and pets Le Chat...

(1311-12-10) A Change in Climate
Summary: The new Camellia Second of the Lis d’Or finds a stray flower in her office, with woefully...

(1310-12-22) Fruits of Naamah's Labour
Summary: On the afternoon of the Shortest Day, Helene and Sarielle have a restful dip in the baths...

(1310-12-21) Marsilikos: Court de Nuit Longest Night
Summary: The Longest Night fête at the Night Court in Marsilikos RL Date: Fri Dec 28, 2018 ...

(1310-12-13) Lis d'Or Fete for Fiorella
Summary: To celebrate Fiorella's completed marque, Salon Lis d'Or throws a fete in her honor. RL...

(1310-12-11) The Dance of Halcyon
Summary: Lady Ortolette, frustrated with the tedium of being confined to the Ducal palace, decides...

(1310-12-11) The Dance Lessons of Ingénue
Summary: Following a performance at the Ducal Palace, Étienne and Oliver reestablish an uneasy...

(1310-12-11) Someone Turns the Key
Summary: Sarielle and the Lady Ortolette exchange words following the dancer's public performance. ...

(1310-12-07) The Gameroom is Afoot
Summary: A nobleperson likes to invite interesting people round for games at their place from time...

(1310-12-02) Two Peaches
Summary: An audition of sorts, one afternoon at the Lis d’Or. (Warning: Some Mandragian themes.) ...

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