Salomé Toluard nó Glycine
Fullname: Salomé Anaïs Toluard nó Glycine
Played by: Emeraude Toubia
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: November 21, 1291
Class: Marqued
House: Glycine - Jasmine
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Enguerrand Odilon de Toluard, duc de Toluard and Caterina di Milazza
Siblings: Many
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None

Known Information

A brilliant and vivacious young woman, Salome has completed her marque in House Jasmine on Mont Nuit. During her travels, she discovered the beautiful and quaint port city of Marsilikos. She has decided to stay and work for House Glycine, delaying her return home to Bordeaux.


Salome Anais Toluard was born on November 21, 1291 to Enguerrand Odilon de Toluard and his wife Caterina di Milazza. Her family's history is quite colorful what with having a wife and a consort whom the public preferred. Being one of many children, this did not affect Salome the way it did her eldest brother and heir. Nobility have the blessing and curse of being raised by nannies and tutors and not having to be a fixture at their parent's side. Salome, however, enjoyed being with her parents as much as possible. She took great pleasure from being doted on by them and accepted whatever time they could spare for her. She is especially close to her mother, from whom she learned to speak Caerdicci. From the time she was a young child, she loved to dance and read. One of her favorite past times is riding horses.

But coming from such a large family and knowing and understanding some of the politics that have plagued the Toluard, Salome has a much more open view of things. Once she reached a certain age where she could fully understand that her father truly and deeply loved his consort, Oriane, she never held any ill will towards the woman. It was Enguerrand and Oriane's decision for Salome to study in Jasmine House on Mont Nuit and it was well received by the young Salome, even if her mother vehemently disagreed. During her time there, Salome truly found herself in the teachings. She was surrounded by others who felt exactly as she did.

When she was 16, she had her debut but only two years later, her father was killed at her sister, Margot Catherine's wedding, during a jousting accident. It has always pained her that she could not be there at that time but took the tragedy and turned it into a positive. Salome's father would have been proud to know his daughter has excelled in her studies and within a year of his death, became fully marqued. It is only recently that Salome has arrived to Marsilikos. En route to visit her family, she took a detour to visit the beautiful city. It seduced her and she has not left since.




oriane Oriane Somerville de Toluard : The Lady Oriane Somerville de Toluard is many things to my family, however, were it not for her, I would not have had the opportunity to live my life to my fullest potential. For that I am grateful.
boniface Boniface de Baphinol/Vicomte d'Orange : I will never forget my very first experience at the baths of Naamah's Temple. He gave no title, but he is undoubtedly a man of noble birth and breed. Rumor has it my lord is also the Vicomte d'Orange. While I believe something like cedarwood and vetiver would have suited him perfectly, he did not protest my urging of warm vanilla sugar. Who can resist a nobleman when he smells like fresh baked cookies.
seraphin Séraphin de Fiscarde/Mercenary Lord : While I am still trying to figure him out, my lord was most hospitable. Dining at the Leaping Fish Inn will forever be memorable. The wine was intoxicating, the beef bourguignon was scintillating (and the duck looked succulent), and the company was unmatched. For all his steel, I think he bends.


(1311-11-13) Taking a Leap
Summary: A courtesan finds herself a very unlikely dinner companion and the surprises only start...

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