Roxane nó Eglantine de Mereliot
Fullname: Roxane nó Eglantine de Mereliot
Played by: Margot Robbie
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: 20th June
Class: Lady, Retired Courtesan
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Luthier, Performance Artist
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Erik Mereliot, Analise nó Eglantine (c.)
Siblings: Likely
Marital Status: Consort
Children: None

Known Information

Retired courtesan of House Eglantine, trained at the salon on Mont Nuit in Elua. Known to maintain a workshop in the city where she handcrafts all manner of stringed instruments. Seems to have some equitable connection to Salon de Lis d'Or, enough that she's occasionally seen there. Consort to Remy de Morhban, Vicomte de Quimper.







(1311-04-27) Day of Eisheth: Performance Contest
Summary: The performance contest, held in honor of Eisheth’s Day. RL Date: Sat Apr 27, 2019 ...

(1311-03-25) A Little Night Music
Summary: Roxane holds a performance at The Leaping Fish Inn, with Remy in the audience. RL Date:...

(1311-03-09) A Potential Student
Summary: Roxane and Tancred meet at the baths. The potential for lessons are discussed among other...

(1311-03-04) By Way Of The Sea
Summary: The Viscomte de Quimper arrived in Marsilikos and find a willing dinner companion. RL...

(1311-03-04) A Jeweled Caper
Summary: Roxane finds that an expected arrival has gone missing. Hélène offers her assistance. RL...

(1311-03-02) The Sharp Blade And The Fair Fox
Summary: Aidan requests a commission. The blade is tested. Later, Aimee receives a gift. RL Date:...

(1311-03-02) New Lutes For Old
Summary: The victim of a vicious kitten attack, is entrusted to the care of a qualified professional...

(1311-02-26) A Turn Toward Domesticity
Summary: A new neighbour settling in at last, is the occasion for a delightful afternoon tea and...

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