Roseline nó Coeur de Lavande
Fullname: Roseline nó Coeur de Lavande
Played by: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthdate: June 18
Class: Courtesan
House: Coeur de Lavande
Occupation: Adept
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Avril Somerville nó Coeur de Lavande, Noble Alban man (deceased)
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

RA Somerville and Alban Adept. As far as she knows Roseline has no siblings. She is the first Coeur de Lavande to Debut and will likely be the first with the marque of the House.


As the child of one of the founders of Coeur de Lavande Roseline was, perhaps, the first novice that was brought to the house as she stuck with her mother, Avril Somerville no d'Essoms, a courtesan that had her marque purchased by Viscomte Ciel d'Essoms she barely before she debuted, after she was born of a liaison between her and a minor Alban noble. The pair had fallen in love. So, with him Avril retired to have a relationship and from that union Roseline was born. When the Alban passed away, as he had been an older fellow, Avril felt she wanted to return to being a Courtesan, of sorts. She had never officially left Ciel's household, the Alban had, instead, joined her.

Roseline was, around, five when Avril started back with being a Courtesan. The next five years was devoted to Avril training her to be a Courtesan, it was expected that Ciel would buy the marque of Roseline when she was old enough. Instead, along with Alucard, the youngest Courtesan of the l'Envers household; at roughly 28, and Margot no Heliotrope, who was 29 at the time, instead decided to open a salon together. Avril was 35 at the time. Roseline was the first Novice, as the Daughter of Avril, arranged for the Salon and soon after a few others joined. Roseline watched the salon formed while her mother continued to train her in the ways of being a Courtesan, during the 5 years since the salon started and the current time Roseline was trained in the proper ways of a Courtesan.

Even at a young age Roseline showed signs of being Jasmine inclined. She was passionate about everything she did and was quite carefree. When she got old enough to write she started making up stories and the closer to her Debut the less? proper they became. Though, she does not yet write excessively explicit stories.

It was not entirely uncommon for Roseline to sneak off when she could get away with it for adventures, only to be brought back rather quickly. Also, since hr dad was around for the first few years of her life Roseline learned to speak the languages of Alba and Eiran, he mother having arranged lessons to keep up with learning these languages as well as Roseline's heritage.


A Jasmine styled Courtesan Adept who's passion is like a wildfire. She is a Adept of the newer Salon Coeur de Lavande.


ciel Viscomte Ciel d'Essoms/Investor : Fondness. Family of sorts?


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