Rosalie Claire de Somerville
Fullname: Rosalie Claire de Somerville
Played by: Karen Gillian
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthdate: July 2nd
Class: Noble
House: Somerville
Occupation: Unlanded Lady
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terra d'Ange
Parents: Father: Godard de Somerville
Mother: Arabelle Ferraut de Somerville
Siblings: Older sibling (Heir)
And younger siblings
Marital Status: Unattached
Children: None

Known Information

A bit of an odd ball who prefers to be outdoors and often has one of her many pets with her.


The second child, born to Godard de Somerville and Arabelle Ferraut de Somerville, was named Rosalie Claire de Somerville and she looks a lot like her mother even at birth. And as she grew, not only did her beauty blossom but so did her love for the outdoors and animals. Born with the Anael scion trait, she has always been very gifted with animals and was often teased by her elder and younger siblings that she preferred them over people, which wasn't exactly incorrect. She felt a closer connection with animals than most people given her adoration of tracking and if finding one who died, turning them into a lovely friend to linger with her talents in being a taxidermist.

Perhaps it was the smell of apples that is often emitting from her, given she is expressive with her emotions, that drew some of her animal friends to her. Or perhaps the singing of her voice. Whatever it was she tends to like to have one around her at least at all times. She typically isn't picky upon the species of the animal either. And as one always should when enjoying playing in the elements of the unknown, she was trained how to defend herself with not only a sword but also a bow and arrow should she ever feel the need. Often her curiosity leading her into situation where she has to move quietly as she investigates things, to ensure she is not caught or putting her lift in danger, though she has a few scars from some things almost going wrong.

And now she is being sent to Marsilikos to try and find herself a husband to marry either into the family or marry herself out. She really doesn't want to do this but she knows it is one of her duties so she takes some of her pets and travels nervous, curious and excited all in one.






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