Ruaidri mac Eoghan
Fullname: Ruaidri "Rory" mac Eoghan
Played by: Toby Regbo
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: July 14th
Class: Foreigner
House: None
Occupation: Adventurer
Province: N/A
Country: Eire
Parents: Eoghan
Siblings: Aoife nic Eoghan
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Rory and his sister Aoife have come from Eire on diplomatic premises, sent by their clan, but they also intend to find adventure in Terre D'Ange.


Rory and his sister grew up in Eire, children of a smaller branch of the ruling clan of Eire. Their branch, however, did not live on Alba but on Eire itself. Rory grew up hunting with the family's Eiran wolfhounds and learned to raise and train them from a young age. He is fond of the hunt and excels at archery.


While not touched with the angelic beauty of the d'Angelines, Ruaidri possesses a striking quality to his appearance, youthful and noble of bearing and the lilt of his voice when he speaks is distinctly Eirean even though his d'Angeline is quite good though obviously book-learned. The young Eirean noble has brilliant eyes, clear and blue as a cloudless sky which can seem open and expressive or reveal nothing at all. Blonde hair with just the slightest touches of red within falls in waves and curls around features that are more finely boned than his blood might suggest. He appears to be in his late teens and carries himself with pride and obvious self-assurance.

His clothing is a combination of Eirean and d'Angeline, combining elements of the two in what seems to be an effort to acclimate to the local environment while still maintaining connection to his homeland. Breeches and finely tailored shirts are paired with cloaks embroidered with traditional knotwork, necklaces with tribal ornaments and bone charms, and traditional blue woad tattoo work shows here and there on his skin.


aoife Aoife nic Eoghan : The Twin


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