Richard Edouard de Basilisque
Fullname: Richard Edouard de Basilisque
Played by: Scott Eastwood
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: Nov 8
Class: Noble
House: Basilisque
Occupation: Heir to Baron de Cléron
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Stéphan de Basilisque and Florianne nó Eglantine de Basilisque
Siblings: Gregoire Basilisque de Baphinol (twin), Aurélie Basilisque nó l'Envers, and other brothers/sisters
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


Richard de Basilisque is the first born of Stephan de Basilisque, Baron de Cleron, and Florianne no Eglantine de Basilisque and the heir to Cleron, if only by three minutes. Richard is the the twin of Gregoire, and the resemblance is such it is not uncommon for others to mistake him for his brother. Even their family have fallen for it, for unlike his dower and serious twin, Richard is the type who would try to make others believe he is Gregoire. Despite his more charming and social personality, Richard does take his duties to Cleron serious, as well as the defense of Terre d'Ange, being soldier and a commander of the Cleron banners when it is their time for deployment to the border forts. Richard is highly skilled with a blade, and has a presence about him, an aura of charisma about, inspiring loyalty among the men he leads.

Florianne no Eglantine de Basilisque had a close personal friend, a Balm courtesan, from her days on the Mont in Elua. She made sure to correspond regularly. When her best friend had a daughter, Lady Louna de Monteaux. When she was old enough, Louna fostered at Cleron, and as such Richard and Louna became close. Some believed they would marry, but her parents wanted a man to marry into the family, not to marry their heiress out. With Richard himself being an heir and give up his claim, the decision was made to marry Gregoire, the unlanded brother, to Louna.

One might find it hard to believe Richard and Louna are not married, given the flirting and near intimate relationship the two have. Richard is not above using such to goad and torment his brother so, about the only sign of sibling rivalry the two have. If there is at times an abrasive air between Richard and Gregoire, the same is not with other members of his family, and with others as Richard is all charm and noble grace, if only with a hint of an edge to him.

It is now time for Richard to see to more of the social obligations of being the heir to Cleron. Given the large amount of trade flowing towards Eisande it made sense to send the heir to Marsilikos to act as the voice of Cleron in all business and social obligations. The fact his brother is in the city along with Louna is but the extra honey glaze for a man can never turn down anything sweet.



gregoire Gregoire de Baphinol. Baron de Monteaux. Twin Brother : .
louna Louna de Baphinol. Baronnesse de Monteaux. Sister-in-Law. : .


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