Remy Gregoire de Morhban
Fullname: Remy Gregoire de Morhban
Played by: Ioan Gruffudd
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Birthdate: 20 September
Class: Noble
House: Morhban
Occupation: Vicomte de Quimper
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Valentin de Morhban, Noelle Eresse de Morhban
Siblings: Many
Marital Status: Consort
Children: Son (d.)

Known Information

The Vicomte de Quimper, newly arrived in Marsilikos from his home in the Province of Kusheth.





(1312-04-16) Spring Tournament: Archery Contest
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(1311-11-12) The Seaman
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(1311-03-25) A Little Night Music
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(1311-03-04) By Way Of The Sea
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(1311-03-04) A Jeweled Caper
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