Quintavius Anne Toluard
Fullname: Quintavius Anne Toluard
Played by: Daniel Craig
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Birthdate: May 7th, 1265
Class: Noble
House: Toluard
Occupation: Pastry Chef
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Deceased nonentities
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Couldn't afford it
Children: Probably not

Known Information

Quintavius Anne Toluard is a cousin so far down in House Toluard's family tree that he occupies an appendix on an entirely different sheet of parchment. For many years he has served his more fortunate relations in the capacity of pastry chef, a vocation to which he is passionately devoted. His desserts were one of Oriane Somerville de Toluard's secret weapons during her long career as a hostess in Bordeaux; recently, he has joined her in exile in Marsilikos.




oriane The former comtesse de Bordeaux : Boss.


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