Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse
Fullname: Philomène Aiglemort de Chalasse
Played by: Robin Wright
Gender: Female
Age: 54
Birthdate: January 16, 1258
Class: Noble
House: Chalasse
Occupation: Dowager Vicomtesse de Gueret
Province: L'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: Three

Known Information


When one is born an Aiglemort, certain things are expected. If one has no brothers, certain things are guaranteed. Always quick to lash out with a sharp word or a fist, Philomene was trained from a young age in how to ride, how to fight, and how best to focus that aggression. Riding in the border skirmishes, armed and armoured, she made a name for herself as a youngster, not in the noble art of the duel or as a leader of men, but as a frantic, reckless warrior in the bloodiest fighting alongside men twice her size. Sure, she could handle a sword, but she never knew when discretion was the better part of valour, and as teens turned into twenties, the injuries began to rack up.

After a period of recuperation after an axe took a large chunk of her thigh, she was informed by her family that she would not be returning to the mountain camps to lend her sword further, but would be doing her duty as a noblewoman and marrying into a house in the interior of the country for political ties. Wed to Armand Louis-Claude de Chalasse, the Vicomte de Gueret, she was shipped off to L'Agnace to turn in her sword and learn the more sedate pace of life of the arable farm. The change grated significantly at first, although with time she's come to love her adopted home and appreciate the hard work that goes into producing the grain that feeds the nation. More to the point, she's found a knack for it and, only spoilt by the carrying and birth of three children, she continues to ride the land daily, keen to spot any blight or parasite that could ruin the crop.

With her children all grown up (one with children of their own already), restless once again (and, if we're honest, a little strapped for cash after a few poor harvests compounded by an unfortunate run of luck at the tables for her husband, but we don't mention that), she's come to Marsilikos to set up new trade partners, to relive a little of her youth vicariously through watching the tournaments, and maybe to meddle just a little bit in finding suitable matches for her youngest two children.



Best Friends


Forget human beings, the true love of Philo's life is clearly her mare, Hirondelle. Look at her. Just look at her. Of course no human being could compare. Philomène, rather unusually for a noblewoman, relies on no groom to look after the animal, choosing stubbornly to undertake this all herself, from mucking out to feeding to grooming. But then exactly who is going to call her on it?


A new addition to Philomène's relationship status (it's complicated), Hercule is a young Black Friesian gelding awarded to her as a prize for the Spring Tournament in 1312. This may be the only Flatlander in whom she can see no fault.

Other Contacts

iphigenie Iphigénie nó Valerian de Maignard : Where Philo is all fire and no substance, Iphigenie is a far more pragmatic companion with a wide array of academic knowledge which is always fun to challenge. Invalided through illness, an unlikely friendship has sprung up based on, among other things, the use of Iphigenie's garden for walking undisturbed, and the growth and nurturing of certain medicinal plants.
laurene Laurène Chalasse : Philomène's middle daughter, for whom she's trying her hardest to arrange a suitable alliance. If only Laurène would listen to her advice and do as she's told, but it would appear that despite on the surface being the polar opposite of her mother, they do share a stubborn streak.
aurore Aurore de Chalasse : Technically she's family, having married in as Philomène herself did. What matters more to Philomène is that she's a survivor. Philomène has no doubt at all that she'd do whatever it takes to keep herself and her family afloat, and that puts the woman way up in her estimation. Aurore is the woman who stood elbow to elbow with Philo during Louis-Claude's difficult illness and subsequent death, and the bond between the women is stronger than blood.
athenais Athénaïs de Belfours : Much like Philo in every way, except better at it, Athénaïs de Belfours was a renowned duellist in her youth. But where Philomene honed her skill on the battlefield, Athenais wasted hers away fighting for fame, money, or just for shits and giggles. Philo would gladly beat her into a pulp if she could. Or sleep with her. Or both. Why not both?
andre Andre van Westerlo : One of many reasons foreigners shouldn't be allowed to roam freely in Marsilikos. Hang them all. Or exile them at least.
drake Drake Rousse, Vicomte de Draguignan : An entertaining young man who, with a little direction, could go far. Perhaps to Chi'in, as Philomène has been in discussion over a potential trade delegation to the east with him. Although with him all newly loved up, perhaps that might have to wait. Still, it's nice to see him happy. Philomène claims the part of the wise old aunt to the boy, including the necessary corruption of the young lad, although he's made a fair start on that himself.
helene Helene Verreuil, Baronesse de Poumarous : A welcome break from all the nonsense of parties and balls, Helene has a mind for business, and they have a tentative trade agreement for L'Agnacine wheat.
adeline Adeline de Mereliot : She fights, she drinks, she swears, she's a talented healer, a dutiful vicomtesse, an honoured veteran of the wars in Camlach, and as honest as the day is long. Philomene is absolutely, completely and one hundred percent smitten.
yves Yves Valliers : Philomène has definitely met Yves.


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