Philippe Morhban d'Eresse
Fullname: Philippe Morhban d'Eresse
Played by: Ray Stevenson
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Birthdate: Feb 7, 1259
Class: Noble
House: Eresse
Occupation: Acting Vicomte de Lunel
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: tbd
Siblings: tbd
Marital Status: Widowed
Children: Isabella (deceased), a son (age 5)

Known Information


Philippe Morhban D'Eresse is a feared figure in most social circles or respected — it is a fine edge he walks. Born the youngest sibling of many it was left for Philippe to make his own mark on the world. Where others loved horses and wine Philippe took to the sea. He quickly learned his way around a ship, helping build vessels, and working as a shipwright among the docks of his home. He had no particular love for his family as he would not stand to inherent. And while his siblings struggled Philippe dreamed of fortunate and heroism on the high seas.

When Philippe carried the banner of war for his House he did so with gusto. Already he was a feared and intimidating figure whose size and grim disposition cut a swath before his will. He took to a ship as a captain and sailed as a young man of sixteen to war across the sea to take war to a Menekhet fleet that was headed for the coast of Terre d'Ange. This was not an ordinary fleet battle the Morhban vessels were outnumbered and the invasion fleet before them was vast.

Philippe trailed the invasion fleet until the winds kicked up and a storm broke across the seas. In the middle of the night through perilous swells the invasion fleet was caught entirely unawares. The Morhban ship under his command came up upon the lead flagship of the fleet. The fleet had largely been scattered in the swells and torrential downpours. And with only a few men he intimidated the crew into surrender. After executing the captain and officers the captain took the helm of the flagship and during a lull in the storm (the eye) he ordered and signaled the fleet to make due north. Using his mastery of local waters he drove the invasion fleet among the shoals where they ripped apart during the next storm surge.

Philippe washed up just outside of Marsilikos on the shores where the fleet intended to land. There were enough survivors that validated the tale of the man that his fame and story caught like wildfire. During the time of his recovery Philippe met eldest and only daughter of the Vicomte Alfonso de Lunel who fell in love with the dread Philippe de Morhban. Capitalizing in his fame with the local court and being a hero of the Marsilikos the fearsome captain married quickly.

When the Vicomte de Lunel died his wife Francesca D'Eresse took over as heir. Life for the man and woman was rocky. The relationships was stormy and the affairs of Philippe stretched far and wide as he enjoyed his station and luxuries. He led a few successful campaigns with naval forces and did just enough to maintain his relationship. But he was never happy until his daughter Isabella was born. The day the light found his life saw the man change. His life became filled with directions. He frequently bounced his daughter on his knee. She was always by his side and the joy of being /her/ father filled the man with spirit.

When the illness came to his House he was away with the fleet. His wife and beloved fourteen year old Isabella died in his absence. Only Philippe's youngest son survived and Philippe became regent until such a time as his infant was ready.

His son is now five and mostly cared for by staff and servants. Philippe's heart broke when his daughter died. He became angry and a drunk. Blood lust began to fill him again and now he is without his youth. The years of his living to his fame saw him large and intimidating with a belly shaped by alcoholism. He is not the man he was. He is the tragic fearsome man he is now.




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