Phaénne Mereliot
Fullname: Phaénne Shaylee Mereliot
Played by: Yael Grobglas
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: September 9th
Class: Noble
House: Mereliot
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Mélusine Mereliot & Orifiel L'Envers
Siblings: Carenza Mereliot (22) and Appolinaire Mereliot (18)
Marital Status: Reluctantly Engaged
Children: None

Known Information

Phaénne is the second-born daughter of Mélusine Mereliot, Comtésse de Vaucluse and Orifiel l'Envers, the son of the former Marquis de Auxerre. She has spent the majority of her life in Kusheth and Namarre, fostered among her extended Morhban and l'Envers family as well as spending time at court in Troyes-le-Mont and Pointe d'Oeste, and later at the royal court in Elua. It was in Elua that she met Lucien de Somerville, son of the Duc de Somerville, a relationship that quickly evolved into a fiery romance leading to their engagement being announced a little over a year after her arrival in the capital city.

She has recently returned from l'Agnace following the death of Lucien, who fell suddenly ill during a small pre-celebration only days before their marriage and passed away five days later. A month after her return to Vaucluse a new marriage was arranged by the two families, with Lucien's younger brother Timothée taking his brother's place at the altar. She arrived in Marsilikos in relative anonymity during the last days of the summer tournament and have kept out of the public eye until now. If rumors are to be believed, the young woman isn't exactly thrilled about these new arrangements.


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