Perrine Leonie Verreuil
Fullname: Lady Perrine Leonie Verreuil
Played by: Unknown
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Birthdate: April 9, 1285
Class: Nobility
House: Verreuil
Occupation: Heir to Vicomte de Lourdes
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Lord Geoff Verreuil and Lady Sandrine Verreuil nee d'Eresse(d)
Siblings: Baptiste Verreuil(twin d.), other siblings available
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Perrine is the current heir to the Vicomte de Lourdes. Her twin was lost in a shipwreck off the coast of Caerdicci that nearly took her life and permanently injured her father. She is adroit and knowledgeable in the heavens and their movements. She is related to the d'Eresse family of Eisande through her mother who was the youngest daughter of Ivain d'Eresse.


The Comte of Verreuil has for many generations built a rather large fleet ranging from trade vessels to ones of exploration. Knowledge is ever out there beyond the ranges of Terre D'Ange and further. Perrine was born one of a pair of twins to the adventuring scholar Geoff Verreuil, the brother to the ruling Comte, and his wife Sandrine Verreuil nee d'Eresse of Eisande (youngest sister of Ivain d'Eresse). Perrine's brother was the elder by quite an expanse of time. Perrine was breach and there was difficulty with her birth that would ever plague her mother's health there after. Her brother Baptiste carried his father's adventuring soul and though Perrine was much the similar she was hindered by the complications at her birth as well. Her constitution was never quite so strong and her inclinations - though adventurous were of her imagination and books. She is a true daughter of Shemhazai, given to the exploration first by knowledge then by seeing. The twins as they got older were allowed to go on trips aboard the impressive Verreuil vessels, gleaning knowledge from other lands and learning the languages of those they traded with. Her father may have supported the family by the economic value of transporting exports and imports but those voyages also garnered him the ability to learn of the other cultures and bring back tomes, scrolls and artifacts. One may have called him a hoarder in different times but there was an ordered chaos to his collection.

Perrine and her brother were close, as if they shared one mind but opposite ends of it. He was the energetic rush into exploration of what ever mysteries lay ahead where as Perrine would rather learn of what was already known before carefully excavating and meticulously sorting through everything. They both sadly inherited their father's penchant for gathering items. Perrine's true love soon became evident when she had trouble waking in the mornings, for in the evenings she would be long awake, sitting at her window and recording the movement of the stars and the heavenly bodies. Her belief was the real true mystery of their world lay high above in the cosmos; answers for everything. She was quickly able to guide the ships they traveled on and was seen as the Verreuil Siren, calling the land to their ships rather than the other way around.

On a crossing to Hellas when she was near her twelfth name day the small contingent of Verreuil ships was caught in a storm. They attempted to turn their ships about before the storm hit in order to try to catch the island off Caerdiccia Unitas but the storm moved swiftly. Land was not far from sight but as the swells hit and rocked their ships they lost two and the flagship with the family aboard listed and rocked in a large swell the closer they got to land as the top of it began to break and many were tossed overboard, including Baptiste and Perrine. It was the skill and strength of her brother that kept Perrine from drowning, helping to keep her afloat in the storm until eventually they were washed upon the shore along with others, debris and the wreckage of ships. They were rescued - the survivors and the dead gathered but her brother was not among the bodies. Perrine suffered greatly with fevers and pneumonia for months after.

Her parents were deeply devastated and her father sustained an injury that would forever curtail his adventures. Sandrine went into deep mourning for her first born and heir and after the bodiless funeral Perrine was thrust into the position of heir. Her mother began her lessons immediately but with bouts of melancholy that sent the heir to ward with the Duchy of Rocaille just shy of her thirteenth nameday. It was during her third year away that her mother finally succumbed to the depression that plagued her and passed on. The Vicomte became withdrawn and eccentric and many spoke that the young woman would be the ruler rather soon - which proved not to be the case. She spent her seventeenth year as the ward of the Duchy before returning home to help her father manage the household.The Vicomte continued to be profitable and upward moving and after three years of silence they began to hold gatherings again.

Perrine was ever the aloof hostess but she attended her duties and guests as needed. Inspiring her people and family that all would be well even if the Viscomte was never himself again. The Vicomte still lives, despite all rumors but the heir to be has come to Eisande to treat with her mother's family and learn further the ways of her imminent position.





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