Perrin de Somerville
Fullname: Perrin de Somerville
Played by: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: Mar 11
Class: Noble
House: Somerville
Occupation: Lord
Province: L'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Marital Status:

Known Information


While Perrin is not ‘The seventh son of the seventh son’, it would be an appropriate way to imagine him within the pecking order of nobility. His parents are Lord Henri-Philippe and Lady Nicole. Lady Nicole is the late baron d'Árgentat’s younger sister, and Lord Henri-Philippe married into the family from the Cherevin from Kusheth. While Henri-Philippe was untitled, however the dowry of Kusheline bloodstock horses were quite the boom to the family. Perrin is the fourth child with two older brothers and a sister as well as one younger sister. He is not the furthest from inheriting a leading role within his family, however by order of birth, he was unlikely to chance into achieve an appointment of merit simply due to his born status as a noble son. Perrin was never envious of his oldest brother’s destiny to lead an untitled noble family, so his position in life seemed well enough suited for him from a young age. This does not mean that young Perrin was without prospects however, even at an early age he was driven to become more than just a name far down the line of succession of the d’Arentat’s branch of the Somerville family. Searching for his own destiny and having enjoyed riding as well as possessing a natural affinity with animals; being a horseman and horse breeder became a first a hobby then a life goal to move through the ranks of nobility on his own merits.




(1312-07-06) Affirmation
Summary: The virtues of alfalfa, willow trees and freshly baked bread are explored, and affirmation...

(1312-06-27) On That Which May Not Be Cut
Summary: Perrin and Jehan-Pascal meet over books; philosophies and practicalities are discussed. ...

(1312-06-24) Sour Grapes
Summary: Philomène graciously allows Perrin to ride out with her, if he can keep up. (Actually he...

(1312-06-23) Ride or Die
Summary: In which nobody rides, and nobody dies. There is however an offer of riding lessons, and...

(1312-06-23) Of Course It's All Real
Summary: As ever, when Alienor nó Rose Sauvage shows her half-veiled face in one of the city’s...

(1312-06-22) New Paths Converge
Summary: La Perle Noire is ever the scene of meetings, partings, unexpected but fortuitous...

(1312-06-22) Fashions and Roses
Summary: Jehan-Pascal meets Perrin, introduces him to the fashionable drink at the Black Pearl and...

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