Olivia d'Albert nó Rose Sauvage
Fullname: Olivia d'Albert nó Rose Sauvage
Played by: Imogen Poots
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: 8th April
Class: Courtesan
House: Rose Sauvage
Occupation: Second
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Vicomtesse Lilian d'Albert, and Augustin Perigeux d'Albert
Siblings: Three older
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

Olivia has been with the salon of La Rose Sauvage since the age of fifteen, and is the favorite of one or two patrons in particular. It is known that she is very particular about whom she will accept assignations with, and is close-lipped as to the names of those that she does. She has recently been elevated to the position of Second for the White Roses.


Olivia is the youngest child and second daughter of Vicomtesse Lilian d'Albert, and Augustin Perigeux d'Albert. Born in February on the tail end of winter, she came into the world a quiet and wondrous child, one that might have been a little unexpected, but loved none the less for being so.

A perfect blend of innocence and a quick mind led her parents to offer her to House Alyssum shortly after her sixth birthday. Her time as a novice was nothing remarkable, though she became a favorite with visitors to the House who would often ask for her to be allowed to sit and talk with them, or to have her wait on them whilst visiting. It was during this time that she caught the eye of Edouard Shahrizai. He thought that she would be a delightful addition to the Salon of La Rose Sauvage, and after lengthy and costly negotiations with the Dowayne of House Alyssum, her marque was obtained. She returned with Edouard to Marsilikos, where she settled quickly, debuting at sixteen and completing her marque by the age of eighteen.






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