Odric d'Eresse
Fullname: Odric D'Eresse
Played by: Josh Holloway
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birthdate: August 1st
Class: Noble
House: D'Eresse
Occupation: Baron de Vauvert
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Siblings: Vincens D'Eresse
Marital Status: Single
Children: none

Known Information

The Baron De Vauvert, if he is known, is known for numbers if anything. While Vauvert may be just a barony, the baron himself is a known investor and banker at least in Eisande.


Serious from the womb it seemed with Odric. Naturally a bookish and studious sort he took to the academic matters of his tutors far better than any of the martial or social ones, finding a quick love for not only the classics but also history, economics, and finance. His parents were loving and encouraging, one might even say lax, with not only him but his brother to pursue their academic pursuits. This lax attitude maybe a bit regretful in hindsight as the pair of brothers went their separate ways in failing to marry. Odric never quite seemed to master the casual ease with which other noble sons and daughters played the game of social courtship and politics in Elua, instead it seems he found his interests elsewhere, seneschals and merchants seemed much more his type. While it was of no great joy to his parents that Odric failed at the game of courtship, it did help that all his time in the capital did have him returning with quite the deal of new contacts, and he seemed to set himself right away into turning those casual merchant contacts into something more real.

Summers in Elua, winters in the more pleasant climate of Eisande, and suddenly a routine formed. Routine that was broken momentarily by a disappearing brother which caused no end of familial consternation. But, even so, contacts added and expanded, lines of credit offered and paid back, and year on year the Barony became a little more well known for its banking and merchants. It was over these years that eventually Odric's parents passed away. First their father Landry, leaving the baroness of Vauvert much saddened and withdrawn, and then some years later, lady Camille. With that Odric wasn't managing finances as the heir to Vauvert, but the Baron instead. It didn't seem to change much, least not at first. Other things began to draw his attention, this way then that and then his brother returns from abroad?

A pair of sudden changes, a new baron and a returning brother? Some might say an opportunity perhaps. That seems to be how Odric will be taking it at least, as the pair of d'Eresse brothers make their way to Marsilikos. Rekindle a brotherly bond, establish an upcoming shipwright, introduce the new baron to the duchess of Eisande, and, companions willing, make a lot of money along the way.




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