Odile Delaunay
Fullname: Odile Delaunay
Played by: Darya Dogusheva
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: May 26
Class: Unlanded Noble
House: Delaunay
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Tourmaline Delaunay & his consort Margot
Siblings: Numerous
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Odile is the youngest daughter of Tourmaline Delaunay and his consort Margot. A poetess in her own right, she hasn't yet earned any great acclaim but her work has earned some measure of respect in certain circles.

Not the most important circles, of course, but she is patient in all things.


The youngest is often given space that their elder siblings aren't allowed. So it was for Odile, the last born of Margot and Tourmaline Delaunay. Some of that came of the little girl's poor health. Victim to every fever and ague that came along with the passage of the seasons, Odile was cosseted and pampered, her tutors making bedside visits to see her educated and entertained with books, while many of the others were off receiving lessons in riding and dancing and attending events, or even their chaotic family dinners.

The tutors quickly marked Odile as a girl with her head in the clouds, thoughts so often elsewhere. A daydreamer, they said, with the odd insight which could mark her as a suitable prospect for Gentian… if not for her frequent illnesses. She didn't mourn the loss— "It was never mine to begin with," Odile reasoned— and seemed content with her limitations, and the classical education her parentage afforded her. She was as content within books as she was with daydreams and produced a few small volumes of her own, chapbooks filled with a child's first attempts at poetry and thoughts greater than her experience and skill could successfully manage. But she kept at it, absorbing the lessons of the Hellenic and Tiberian masters, learning what she could.

One can't break the classical rules without knowing them, after all.

Though her health improved with each passing year, she never evinced the same energy as many in her cohort. Adulthood brought no greater claim to her time and focus than her books, her studies, her poetry. What vim and vigor she was capable of was reserved for public readings of her work and those of her beloved ancient masters. Afterward, it wasn't unusual that she'd take to her bed for several days, drained by the effort.

Healers, medics, and doctors of all variety have proscribed various cures but none seem to help and the more unkind of her siblings have said, it's because Odile prefers to be at rest. It is true that while she's tried every remedy the medical establishment has recommended, from spicy drinks to swimming every morning, none have helped her shake off her natural lassitude. Those who favour her writing point out that brilliance comes in many forms.

Certainly, Odile has made an artform of hers: usually reclining. But few fault her for it. She's a delightful listener, quick of mind and wit, with a curious way of seeing the world. Delightful company, surely.




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