Odile Shahrizai de Cantacuzène
Fullname: Anthémis Vespertine Odile Shahrizai de Cantacuzène
Played by: Gal Gadot
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Birthdate: May 11, 1276
Class: Noble
House: Kantakouzenos
Occupation: Lady Refugee
Province: None
Country: Hellas (or Terre d'Ange?)
Parents: The late duc Shahrizai and his duchesse
Siblings: An elder brother, the present duc Shahrizai; possibly some younger ones as yet undefined
Marital Status: Married to Ioannis Kantakouzenos
Children: Three

Known Information

Odile is the daughter of one Shahrizai duc and the nearest sister of another.

At the age of nineteen she was married to a prominent Hellenic nobleman, Ioannis Kantakouzenos. The heir to his own ancient line, whose members boast descent from great rulers of the past, he was also via his royal mother the first cousin once removed of the Princess Penelope of Hellas, who had a year before become the Dauphine of Terre d’Ange and who reigns now alongside King Léopold Ganelon de la Courcel as his anointed Queen. This match arranged for long-term Shahrizai advantage was by all accounts a successful one, producing three children along with a gratifying increase in the wealth of the families it joined. The Kantakouzenoi in particular grew from strength to strength and reaffirmed their place as the leading noble family of Hellas, controlling an extensive network of power and patronage and trade with tendrils extending throughout the court and over the middle sea.

Then, in the spring of 1312, they met the eventual fate of all vassals who wax too powerful: their old rivals, the Phokas, who had long desired to take them down a peg or two, persuaded a newer, younger King of Hellas to break the power of the Kantakouzenoi and confiscate their assets. Ioannis Kantakouzenos was seized, and all three children. His wife narrowly escaped the same fate, being warned just in time to flee aboard her personal yacht to her family in Terre d’Ange.

Odile spent several months in the City of Elua, where she was joyously reunited with her brother Gauvain after seventeen years apart.

With his aid she began to petition Queen Penelope to ply her influence for the freedom of her unfortunate cousins: a man whose only crimes were to love his family too much and to be rewarded too well for his service to the crown, and his three children too young even to understand what had befallen their family, let alone to be culpable in it.

Then, leaving the Elua side of the matter in the duc's capable hands, she came south to Marsilikos, from where she can better monitor the situation in Hellas — and be all the sooner reunited with her husband and children when (if) they should be free.




zabien Zabien Shahrizai : The youngest child of Odile's favourite brother, for whose sake she is keeping an eye on him as he takes his next steps into adulthood upon a stage mercifully smaller and less perilous than the royal court.


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