Noémie nó Glycine
Fullname: Noémie nó Glycine
Played by: Maggie Duran
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: October 5th
Class: Courtesan
House: Glycine
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Vano and Isabetta Dejoie (d)
Siblings: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

Noémie is a passionate courtesan who has made her marque but has stayed on with the Salon to assist with other adepts as she waits to find her next great passion.


Noémie was born to a rather unconventional pairing, a Tsingani father and a D'Angeline mother. The affair was passionate and all-consuming, but short-lived. And not without something left behind. What one does in the throes of passion can be hard to undo, but Noémie's mother bore it well with all the grace she had because after all, she had followed that precept of Blessed Elua: "Love as thou wilt" and had done what she and her beloved had thought right during their passionate affair. The child was wanted, loved and cherished.

The daughter of a minor but wealthy merchant is afforded many things in life and so it was not unexpected that Noemie would be given a privileged enough upbringing despite her origins. From the time she was born until the time of her mother's death, Noémie was given everything she could have wanted and taught many things a proper little lady should know despite that half-blood status she endured. There were whispers, of course, wild rumors that swirled about Mother and child. Especially when the child showed signs that were more than skin-deep that gave away her mixed heritage.

Her mother never truly recovered over the heartache she felt from the end of that affair and one day just simply did not return home. There was a search for her, but her body was never recovered.

It was then, at the age of eleven, she was given to the Salon de la Glycine as her grandfather found the girl to be far too much of a handful and too painful a reminder of his lost daughter. Perhaps a year or so older than most when they come, Noémie was no less embraced and soon flourished as never before. It was there in the Salon she found joy in the thrilling, the passionate. Games of chance and moments of burning passion fueling the fire that raged within the young girl.

As she grew from novice to adept the unrestrained passion that flowed in her veins never ceased. When she made her debut, it was to clamorous effect. Men and women vied to have her, but only one did in the end. And that man became her near-constant patron for years to come. It was under his guidance she learned so much more than what the Salon had taught her. Intrigue was a game she could play and play well. Information was important but sacred and powerful in the right hands. He taught her how to defend herself, but in the hopes that it would never be necessary. By the time she was nineteen, her marque had been made and most of it came from that Comte who dotted upon her much to the jealousy of some. There had been talk for those passionate years that Noémie was in over her head in love with the Comte and he with her, and soon she would leave the Salon to be his wife.

It was not meant to be.

One day the Comte just never returned to the Salon. Rumor swirled through the city, but what was truth and what was fiction was hard to untangle. Some claimed he had run afoul of a rival. Others that he was banished. Everyone expected Noémie to be devastated as her mother had been at the loss of such a great love, but the girl had learned long ago that passion is a flame that burns absolute, and she would thrust herself into that fire again and again, no matter how much it consumed her.

With that knowledge the Comte had given her, and her marque being paid off, she decided to stay in the Salon to help guide those novices and adepts, to perhaps find the next great all-consuming passion of her life.



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