Nicolas Guillard
Fullname: Nicolas Guillard
Played by: Robbie Amell
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Birthdate: February 25
Class: Noble
House: Guillard
Occupation: Cassiline Brother
Province: Azzalle
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Sir Francois Guillard, Knight of the White Swan (incarcerated), Lady Elodie L'Envers de Guillard (deceased)
Siblings: One sister, adopted into a noble family in L'Agnace
Marital Status: Definitely Unavailable
Children: None

Known Information

A young man who once entertained dreams of knighthood, the very public downfall of his illustrious father left those aspirations to ashes, with him in the care of a family who didn't want him, and permanently separated from his sister. He later found a place in the Cassiline Brotherhood, where his exemplary performance and lingering connections landed him in the service of Vincent de Chalasse. After his tenure as the former duc de l'Agnace's Cassiline and three years after training initiates at the monastery, Nicolas was assigned the task of protecting Desarae de Mereliot, heiress of the Marquisate de Chevaise.


Some would say that Nicolas Guillard was destined for the Brotherhood well before he was born. While his branch of House Guillard was never the most influential or storied, several of its men were chevaliers that served the Crown with distinction. His great-grandfather was one, his grandfather was one and his father, Sir Francois Guillard, who was particularly famous and won himself enough acclaim to be inducted in the Order of the Knights of the White Swan, as well as warrant the close friendship of the former duc de l'Agnace, Vincent de Chalasse, and secured him a L'Envers wife, who died when Nicolas was six years of age after giving birth to his sister. With such family history, chances were high that Nicolas was to venture on the same path eventually, once he had proven his mettle.

Unfortunately, that was not to be.

Knights were often blunt instruments in the intrigues of court in the City of Elua and Sir Francois was no exception. His reputation espoused the highest ideals of chivalry, patriotism and defense of Crown and country and his eventual downfall was precipitated by the arrival of an ambassador from Milazza, who had secret ties to Vralia and managed to obtain several pieces of information from his stay in Terre d'Ange that he could offer to the tsar in exchange for his support in shifting power in Milazza to his family. The plot was discovered by House Courcel's royal spymaster, but there was uncertainty as to how to handle it, as Terre d'Ange had long since enjoyed a peace with the Caerdicci city states and resolving the matter stood a real chance at destabilizing it. What was certain, however, was that the ambassador could not be allowed to leave Terre d'Ange with its secrets. Seeing no other way to solve the problem while absolving the Crown of any responsibility, Sir Francois volunteered to act on his own in an attempt to shield it from the inevitable diplomatic repercussions. All he asked for in exchange was for his children to be looked after as they would inevitably carry the consequences of his decisions. The affair ended with the ambassador from Milazza dead on the road back to his city state and with Sir Francois arrested to appease the Caerdicci powers; his reputation as a patriot and a dedicated knight of the realm added weight to the fiction and he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life imprisoned in a fortress in Kusheth.

One of Nicolas' earliest memories was his father's arrest and incidentally the moment in which he obtained the scar that he would carry all of his life. Too young to understand the reasons behind his father's sacrifice, he tried to defend him when his own friends and colleagues came to the Guillard home to take him to stand trial, which caused a violent enough altercation that a drawn blade cut a thin gash from his forehead and over the bridge of his nose to his cheek. His father and grandfather stopped the situation from escalating and after Sir Francois was tried and sentenced, Nicolas and his sister returned to Azzalle with his grandfather, who managed to take care of them for a couple of years until he, too, passed away due to heart failure. Sir Francois' children were then relinquished to the care of his mother's family, but House L'Envers wanted nothing to do with the children of a publicly disgraced knight. Before they could fully suffer its displeasure, however, an agent arrived in the family's estate to take the children away - his sister was young enough to be adopted into a childless noble family in L'Agnace, to spare her the scandal and so she could marry well in the future. However, when Nicolas was asked where he would want to go, at ten years of age, he told the agent that he wanted to serve, like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather had done, and with no family willing to squire him, the agent sent him to the Cassiline Brotherhood.

Nicolas stepped in the Cassilines' monastery in Siovale as a youth who was angry and confused over the fate that had befallen his family, and yet knew nothing else but his family's martial traditions to contemplate dedicating his life to anything else. But it was also in these hallowed halls that he also found succor from them. Guidance from his mentors and brothers put him in the path to the light instead of the darknesses that such a history could give a young boy, and some say these early tribulations were what made him even more susceptible to their teachings; if nothing else, his time there had made him all the more determined to repent for his father's perceived crimes and to restore honor and respect back to the Guillard name. His mentors found him an exemplary student and his photographic memory made teaching him easy, and with nothing else to live for, Nicolas devoted himself body and spirit to the Cassiline way of life. He finished his training at twenty years old and was shipped off to L'Agnace in 1303, to replace the aging Vincent de Chalasse's Cassiline who was on the verge of retirement. It had been an easy choice for the old duc, who was one of the handful of people who knew the truth behind his close friend's arrest and whose declining health required the strength of a much younger man to assist him whenever necessary.

His relationship with Vincent was almost a paternal one and were it not for his generosity, Nicolas may have continued harboring some resentment towards his father. While he wasn't told the details that led to his father's incarceration, he was encouraged by Vincent to remember his father not as what the public decried him as, but what his ideals shaped him to be, and to place his trust in that instead. As his new Cassiline, Nicolas accompanied him everywhere - in 1306, he traveled with the duc to Hellas and Ephesus. It proved to be the last year he would be with the duc, in 1307, Vincent's health took a turn for the worse he died shortly thereafter. Since his heir already had a Cassiline, Nicolas found himself returning to Siovale that same year to assist the prefect in training the Brotherhood's newest initiates, focusing on youths with difficult backgrounds until he found another assignment.

In 1310, he was called to serve more directly again, this time assigned to Desarae Mereliot, the sudden heiress of the Marquisate de Chavaise after her family's brutal massacre, following the sudden recall of her Cassiline, Florent.






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