Nathaniel Lafons
Fullname: Nathaniel Lafons
Played by: Jordan Barrett
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthdate: June 27
Class: Noble
House: Lafons
Occupation: Heir To The Comte De Lafoneuil
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Godefroi Lafons, Leonora Fhirze de Lafons
Siblings: Several sisters
Marital Status: None
Children: None

Known Information

The Heir to The Comte De Lafoneuil and a semi-famous writer who has written two fairly successful books so far. Nathaniel is a charming and artistic sort, however he tends to be extremely shy around women to the point of being cautious. He has talent in the written word above all else but can also come across as naturally alluring at times thanks to him being a scion of Naamah.


Nathaniel Lafons is the son of the Comte de Lafoneuil, Godefroi Lafons and his wife Leonora Fhirze de Lafons. Born at the family seat of Château Chinon, Nathaniel was a healthy child with an interest in the arts. He had a vivid imagination and was a creative sort as he grew and progressed in his lessons. He learned the arts of leadership and politics and how to manage the estate for when his time would come to inherit. The young Nathaniel despite his good health still had issues with some parts of his training. He never took up the blade due to his mother's ranting about it getting him killed and after he took a fall from a horse due to sneezing he refused to mount one again. His mother was incredibly pushy, loud and demanding and he had several sisters as well who inherited her temperament. It was clear who ruled the household and Nathaniel was quick to notice that his father often simply agreed with his mother just to keep the peace…women were scary!

Nathaniel started writing when he was young, as he got older those writing turned into stories of adventure and true love, very well written ones. He published his first book when he was eighteen. The novel 'I'll Cross the World to Find You' did extremely well in some circles. It was a mixture of adventure and romance, with detailed action scenes in addition to well written steamier scenes as well. Nathaniel was pleased by his work and has started working on a new book that was released just in time for his twentieth year and the celebration of the Longest Night. The new book is called 'A Lovers Hope' its a romance novel with more politics and intrigue in it than action. He wound up going to Elua shortly after the books release and has plans to travel to Marsilikos to try and gain more inspiration after the celebrations are over.




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