Matthieu Rocaille
Fullname: Matthieu Christophe Rocaille
Played by: Chris Evans
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: September 26
Class: Noble
House: Rocaille
Occupation: Lord, Heir to the Duchy of Siovale
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Fernand Rocaille, Duc de Siovale, and Aveline Toluard de Rocaille
Siblings: Elliot de Rocaille (half-brother), other half-brothers and half-sisters
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

The Sovereign Ducal house of Rocaille has always been one fraught with volatile family politics, especially in the recent years and largely attributed to the ambitious machinations of its current duchesse, Ava Toluard de Rocaille, the half-sister of the former duchesse, Aveline, who took her place at the duke's side after her untimely death in accordance with an agreement House Rocaille had with House Toluard. More information on House Rocaille, including its current political climate, can be found here.

Matthieu Rocaille is the heir of Fernand Rocaille, the Duc de Siovale and for the first few years of his life, his existence was kept secret to protect him from the current duchesse, slated to take her sister's place if she died. The Duc's foresight was well-founded, considering what happened when his consort gave birth to a son, Elliot, several years later. In the end, it might not have been enough; he has been missing for three years and his sudden return to Terre D'Ange, weakened and injured from his travails and accompanied by only his Cassiline protector and friend, Gabriel de Montreve, is one shrouded with mystery. Popular word indicates that he is spending time in Eisande to recuperate from his injuries - both physical and mental.


His life was exciting even before he was aware enough to appreciate its perils, given the complicated dynamics between his father and House Toluard, but as the heir to the Duc de Siovale, Matthieu Christophe Rocaille had spent a lifetime preparing for the role that he was to inherit from his father, Fernand; he was taught the typical, rigorous curriculum expected for all dutiful sons, and in these, he didn't just perform admirably, but exceptionally. Even at a young age, he proved himself a natural statesman and a determined and formidable student, and while it can't be said that he was the best at everything he did, he was a well-rounded lad that was just at home in martial training fields as he was in scholarship, and it was never hard to spark in him a vested interest in everything about his home and country. When he came of age and once he has learned what he could about the duchy he was to take over, he set forth to travel all over Terre D'Ange, to acquaint himself further with his homeland and the other nobles who made decisions for their future, which took several years, returning to Siovale in his twenties. In his time away from the province, he acted as his father's trusted agent in the courts of other dukes, counts and barons.

But every responsible and dutiful son finds cause for rebellion now and then and he found his when he returned from his journeys throughout the country he was determined to help see flourish: he met a common girl and fell in love. Intensely in love, the kind that bordered on obsessive and promised whole dynasties from the union, for it was always Matthieu's way to invest his entire being in everything that he did. His choice of a paramour did not sit well with Ava, his stepmother, and at the machinations of the Duchesse de Siovale, she saw to the eventual separation of her stepson and his lover by agreeing to arrange for her and her family to live a comfortable life elsewhere in Caerdicca Unitas, contingent upon them never to return. The girl's family agreed and in a fortnight, they were gone, leaving the young man with no indication as to their whereabouts.

Heartbroken and furious, Matthieu spiraled into a tempestuous depression that did nothing but fuel his anger, though to say that he wasn't aware of the changes in him would be an exaggeration. Ever aware of the inevitability of his self-destruction, he convinced his father that he needed more experience in battle, and hoping that he would manage to bleed off his fury and growing resentment towards his stepmother in defense of his homeland, Fernand agreed - but only for a year. At the age of twenty-six, he was sent off to Camlach to assist with the border skirmishes there, where he distinguished himself to be a capable warrior and a canny, if unorthodox tactician, but disaster eventually struck after a year and just before when he was bound for home; an ambush by Skaldi warriors separated him from his Cassiline protector, Gabriel de Montreve (a childhood friend and his constant companion after the conclusion of his training with the Brotherhood) and stole him away deep into enemy territory.

His trials didn't end there.

He secured his survival by convincing the Skaldi that he was more valuable alive than dead, and that they could ransom him, but didn't use his own name - he used an alias instead; a nickname that Gabriel used for him in their boyhood in hopes that the Cassiline survived and would be able to track him. And while Gabriel did survive, he wasn't able to reach his charge in time before he changed hands once again; his capture caught the attention of a wealthy Vrailian woman, an agent for her country's tsar installed in Skaldia to keep an eye on the tensions between it and Terre D'Ange, who somehow heard of his capture and unlike the Skaldi who had him in custody, she knew precisely who he was. His ransom was paid by her, and with her entourage, she left Skaldia with him in chains. They boarded a ship in Norstock and set across the Eastern Sea for Vralgrad, with every intention to use him as a bargaining chip against his father. What followed next was equal parts miracle and disaster when the ship was suddenly set upon by pirates, with him and the Vrailian woman captured to be sold as slaves in Khebbel-im-Akkad. Injured by battle and weakened by toil and abuse, his predicament, to him, became clear - he was going to have to cooperate with a bitter enemy so they could get out of this newest personal crisis alive.

They managed, with some difficulty, to do that, but their circumstances and the Vrailian spy's duplicity were further complicated by the fact that she managed to make contact with other sympathetic agents in the country. Matthieu wasn't a fool, however, and the moment they found their chance to be free, he took it, and betrayed her to other slavers before she could betray him. Things went sideways, despite his plan, but before the cadre of Vrailian agents could apprehend him again, Gabriel came to his rescue, having tracked his charge and best friend through three countries to find him. Galvanized by his appearance, they managed to fight through the remaining obstacles before managing to escape into the Akkadian sands. They eventually found their way to port, literally stumbling into the acquaintance of a D'angeline sailor, whose merchant vessel was based in Marsilikos that eventually set sail to take them back to their homeland.

After having vanished for three years, Matthieu finds himself back in the country of his birth and accompanied by his Cassiline friend and guard. Beaten and worse for wear, the hope, at present, is to take advantage of the skill of Eisandine healing to restore him back to full strength, while he quietly makes inquiries as to the truth behind the ambush that took him in the first place.






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