Marlon Rousse
Fullname: Marlon
Played by: Nir Lavi
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Birthdate: June 12, 1280
Class: Noble
House: Rousse
Occupation: Baron de Bonaficio
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Lorenzu and Orsula Rousse
Siblings: Some, open
Marital Status: NA
Children: NA

Known Information


Marlon grew up as the oldest and more responsible of his siblings and took his responsibility as older brother seriously. He knew one day he would inherit the land and was rapt in his studies in how to care for that land and to protect it and his family. While he did take to his tutoring in a manner which made his parents proud, he also had his hobbies that they sometimes frowned upon.

One such hobby was cartography and that was second only to the open seas. The two seemed to go hand in hand for Marlon who loved charting the sea and sometimes even more so, what was on the bottom of that sea bed. He taught himself how to swim at a young age and used that skill to search out treasures. It wasn't necessarily something that made him tons of money, but there was definitely income in it, and he was good at saving, living in a minimalistic manner.

One strange curiousity about him is that unlike the norm. It was mandate of their faith, to Love As Thou Wilt. While many took this to love who/what/when they wanted, Marlon was left in a somber state due to this. From his point of view, it could well mean to love one fully and wholly, and that could be his will. At various times from tutors and scholars and family alike, they came to him to suggest this might not be the case, but that was his will, to find one love. It came at the somber heart break that, unlike him, not many were inclined to love one as they would, but many. Its been a melancholy struggle with in him, most days he is good and content, sometimes he is not. Its been a struggle with urgings by others to call upon the Night Court, but he's resisted as much as he could.

His father, a cousin of some degree to Oreste, is one of a distant branch that has long held Bonifacio on the southern tip of Corsica. Lorenzu Rousse, deceased, has wed a local unlanded noble, Orsula de Negroni. Rumor is that the Negroni were long ago the de facto nobles in the region and one of several old houses specific to Bonifacio. As if by some offering to keep piece with the locals as opposed to the D'Angelines, it is common practice to every several generations wed locally for this very purpose. As his father had done just that to appease the locals families, it has left Marlon open for potential. This could conflict with his curiousity over loving but one.




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