Marielle Rousse nó Rose Sauvage
Fullname: Marielle Rousse no Rose Sauvage
Played by: Mila Kunis
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: April 23
Class: Courtesan
House: Rose Sauvage
Occupation: Second of White Roses
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Alyonne Diana Rousse, Comtesse de Corsica and Florian Le Blanc Rousse, retired courtesan of House Jasmine
Siblings: Leonide, Esmee, Dimitri, Madeleine, Merielle (twin)
Marital Status: single
Children: None

Known Information


Marielle, the twin sister to Merielle, was born the youngest of a very large family. She was one of three of her siblings that joined the Night Court, specifically the Salons in Marsilikos. Her twin sister was also taken with her. The third youngest, Madeleine, left not long before Marielle and Merielle. You see, Marielle was not a stupid child, she knew, even at the tender age of six, that she was destined to be a politically married child of her family. Someone of benefit would marry in or she would be married off to someone with a title to solidify the connections. Marielle knew she did not want to be in a life like that. She knew it was not where she was meant to be. So, when some Courtesans arrived at her family estate because they had a contract with a member of her family and found Marielle to be suited for the Life of the Night Court she knew her prayers had been answered by Namaah, for she had been praying to find where it is she belonged because she knew it was not in the place of being marriage fodder. The Night Court. She didn't even have to think about it to know that it was her calling. It was where she belonged.

So, after an exchange between her family and the Courtesans Marielle, along with her twin, left the family Estate to go to the Salons of Marsilikos. Initially they were together but it was quickly realized that Marielle and Merielle, despite being twins, were not going to follow the same path. Marielle left the Coquelicot Salon to join the Rose Sauvage Salon. Initially she was placed with those who were associated with the Mandrake but the fit was not right. Then she was placed with Valarian and she connected well with them but not enough for it to be the right place for her. In the end it turned out she was most suited for the Alyssum. So, she became part of the 'innocence' that Alyssum do so well with a fair bit of inclination to be Valerian.

Marielle was one of the model Courtesans, even if her way to display the traits of someone sworn to Alyssum did not always show in the way expected of her. It still fit beautifully with what was expected it simply bore her unique style. Her debut turned out to be quite the Debut for it was designed to appeal to both those who wished to claim an Alyssum as well as those who wished to claim a Valerian. She managed to cause the innocent to shine as one would expect of an Alyssum but she some how managed to blend it with the complete yielding of a Valerian.

Being the type of girl she is most of Marielle's marque was paid off by long term contracts rather than short term ones. One such contract with formed with the Viscomte of Bastia, Ezio. Though, the intent behind that started off far differently than it was intended by him but it was inevitably formed and continues on. Marielle's contracts involved ambassadors as much as those from Terre D'Ange so during her time she picked up several languages that she could speak almost fluently. Some of the languages she even insisted she learn when she was a Novice, citing that she wanted to be able to meet the wants and needs of as many people as she could.

When she finished her Marque she opted to stay with Rose Sauvage, perhaps unsurprisingly, and she continued with her preferred long term contracts. Many of which are ones that continued from when she was an adept. Her ambition was not limited to just being a Courtesan but eventually, at the very least, one of the Second in Command for the House.


Merielle is a twin taken from the Rousse family, belonging now to the Salon Coquelicot as a Gentian with a background and talents in the Heliotrope. She's known well for her skills in Oneiromancy, singing, and the healing of broken hearts. Her twin, Marielle, looks very much like her (very few people can tell them apart) and belongs to the Rose Sauvage. Their elder sister, Madeleine, belongs to the Glycine Salon.


- Leonide: Marielle's oldest sister. Baronesse. Heir.
- Dimitri: Marielle's older brother.
- Ezio: Long term contract older.
- Edgard: Long term contract holder.
- Gabrielle: Frequent client. Very fond of.
- Antoine: Potential client. Very charming. Beloved.
- Jehan-Pascal: Best friend in the world. Closet raider.
- Marco: The devil. He draws out the complete Alyssum in Marielle.


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