Marguerite Adele de Chalasse
Fullname: Marguerite Adele de Chalasse
Played by: Ksenia Solo
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthdate: March 1, 1293
Class: Noble
House: Chalasse
Occupation: Lady
Province: L'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Duc Vincent Adelard Chalasse & Marisina Rousse de Chalasse
Siblings: Octavien (Heir to Duchy), several more older brothers.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


It would be in the year 1293 that the last child and the very first girl after a string of boys would be born to Duc Vincent Adelard Chalasse and his wife Marisina Rousse de Chalasse. They would name the younger sister to the heir of the Duchy Marguerite Adele de Chalasse and from the day she was born, she would be Daddy’s little girl.

From an early age Marguerite showed a certain charm and charisma and was given access to the finest tutors her parents could provide for her. She was to have a proper education in reading and writing as well as instruction in etiquette and courtly expectations.

One particular aspect of her learning that Marguerite took quite an interest in was calligraphy and handwriting. It was always said that when she put words to paper it was a work of art, flowing across the parchment like an artist’s canvas. She saw handwriting not as just words to express meaning, but as merely strokes from a painter’s brush. She took it as a challenge to mimic documents and copy as she put it “Another artist’s work”, using her given talent to re-create prior written documents and signatures. It really began more as a game, something to simply see if she could do. However, when her tutor realized how skilled she was at it, he informed her father. Sensing how valuable this skill could be potentially in his future plans for her, Vincent instructed this to become part of her daily instruction, an instruction whose existence was only known by the three of them and is to this day.

As she grew, Marguerite began to exhibit a certain knack for getting whatever she wanted. Her persuasive abilities coupled with her knack for acting managed to allow the young girl to get her way more often than not. She was a master manipulator and as frustrating as it was for her parents, her father saw something in her that he simply could not ignore. What he saw was a young girl who with proper guidance he felt could be a valuable asset to the Duchy. Her manipulation skills coupled with her charm and appearance would serve well as an ambassador to Chalasse’s interests.

Vincent would see to it that Margeurite sat in with him on many meetings and other courtly matters, hoping to expose her further to the world of politics and negotiation. She learned much from this hands-on learning, knowing that she herself would never be in a position of power in Chalasse, but that was not her father’s intention. He was grooming a diplomat and one he knew would always get her way.

Recently, Marguerite has arrived in Marsilikos by her father’s appointment to see to the Duchy’s interests at his behest. He must gave a lot of trust in the young woman known in the noble circles of Chalasse nobility as: The Little Mockingbird, for her ability to be whatever she wants to be and make people believe it.

Will Marguerite be able to rise to the requests of her father’s expectations? That remains to be seen. However, even if she doesn’t, she is quite certain she can make him believe she has.





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