Magalie Iskareios
Fullname: Magalie Anastasia Iskareios
Played by: Catherine Zeta Jones
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Class: Noble
House: Iskareios
Occupation: Lady
Province: Peloponnes
Country: Hellas
Parents: soon
Siblings: soon
Marital Status: Presumably single
Children: Unknown

Known Information

Magalie Iskareios has recently arrived in Marsilikos, a quiet noble woman of dignity that somehow has gained favor with the Duchesse. At least Magalie can be seen attending courtly functions and social events, as a guest of the Lady of Marsilikos.

Magalie is of Hellene origin, and yet she speaks always in the most flawless d'Angeline.

She is of a noble family in Hellas, seeking to re-establish connections with Eisande. Matters of trade may be a topic, but also marriages.

Magalie walks with a limp and usually has a cane to support her.


This identity was the temporary cover of Charlene Morhban de Fhirze.





(1310-05-19) Ducal Court
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(1310-04-28) Spring Masque
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(1310-02-26) A Night at the Opera
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(1310-02-25) Challenging the Chill
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