Lysander Beaufort
Fullname: Lysander Beaufort
Played by: Jensen Ackles
Gender: male
Age: 22
Birthdate: October 14th
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Bard/Actor
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Trystane Beaufort and his muse, Melisande
Siblings: Two younger siblings
Marital Status: Single
Children: None that he knows of.

Known Information

This bard and actor is currently part of a theatre troupe that has made stop in Marsilikos for a string of performances at the opera.

Being a decent actor, he makes more of an impression with his pleasant singing voice, somewhere between a tenor and a baritone. And he has nimble fingers, which makes him quite siklled with the lute.


Lysander Beaufort was born in the city of Nimes. Among the travelers and merchants passing through the town each day had been his father Trystane Beaufort, a skilled bard that was travelling all over Terre d'Ange. His young muse and companion, the beautiful Melisande being heavy with child had forced the man to settle down, at least temporarily. And so they stayed for a few years, and two more siblings were born, a boy and a girl, before his father left, no longer willing to put up with the idle lifestyle of a bard forced to stay in one spot. He had gotten fed up with playing the local taverns, and yearned to be on his travels again, to see the other duchies and maybe the royal court, if he got lucky. Melisande was left behind with two little boys and a baby girl. She had to make a living so she started to work as an actress at the local theatre, whenever she could. She left her children in the care of a friend, Auntie Grisella who preferred to indulge in drinking instead of looking after the children, so they spent most of their time in the streets. Yes, times were harsh, and the urge grew within the young lad to run away and leave to follow his father, whom Lysander meanwhile was admiring in a son's innocent reverence - despite the fact Trystane had left him and his family behind.

And so Lysander joined a troupe of actors and tumblers that were travelling Eisande, soon to find a mentor, the great bard Paldoran, a scion of Eisheth and member of the Mereliot family. Paldoran Mereliot taught him what he knew and instructed him in playing the lute. Also a lot of knowledge in history and legends was passed on to young Lysander, as well as the basics of writing poetry, and soon he made his first appearances. Blessed with good looks and a pleasant singing voice, he soon attracted the attention of ladies, meaning those of higher standing, a situation that offered him many opportunities, which he not always declined. In fact, Lysander has grown quite accustomed to the admiration of the fairer sex, which shows in his confident bearing some may call conceited.

After parting ways with his former mentor, Lysander went to Caerdicca Unitas for a few months, to find inspiration and to learn their language. Only little is known from his stay there, and just recently he has arrived in Marsilikos as part of a d'Angeline theatre company that is to play at the Opera.




sebastien Mentor? : We shall see whether he will keep his promise.
ortolette Frail Muse : Whom I am pursuing - despite all odds. Elua knows, what will come of it.


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