Lucienne d’Albert
Fullname: Lucienne d’Albert
Played by: Maggie Smith
Gender: Female
Age: 64 years old
Birthdate: 11th of February
Class: Noble
House: Albert
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Seyches
Province: Siovale
Country: Terre Dange
Parents: Garlan d’Albert (d) and Clementine l’Oragen d’Albert (d)
Siblings: Gertrude Cherevin d’Albert
Marital Status: Widow
Children: First son (43 years old), Second son (40 years old), Third son (35 years old)

Known Information

Lucienne d’Albert is an experienced, opinionated Vicomtesse de Deyches. She is a women who has seen many battles and many wars, and lived through all of that. Even now she seems to be of a good health, taking into account her age. She is also of a clear mind and is always willing to provide an advice.



64 years ago Lucienne was born as one of the identical twins to Garlan d’Albert and Clementine l’Oragen d’Albert. Her sister Gertrude was born an hour later. Since early childhood Lucienne felt very bad for being better than her twin sister at everything what she did. Even if she tried to assist to Gertrude on various different activities which include artwork, history, philosophy, riding, hunting… Gertrude still did not please parents and Lucienne was put on a pedestal.

Lucienne suggested that her sister would find her own niche of activities, but a stubborn Gerturde wanted to compete with her sister and prove being better. Competition was over only when the young girls turned eighteen. Their parents were quick to marry them both off. Gertrude was married to Montague Cherevin, Baron de La Baconniere. Lucienne was married to a handsome young landless lord Harvey Le Blanc because Lucianne was announced as an heir to Vicomte de Seyches.

Lucienne was happy in her marriage and she gave birth to three wonderful children. There were only two events (not counting wars, battles and broad politics) which darkened Lucienne’s personal life. One of them was the death of her husband when he was 32 years old. A very long and hard illness took his life and no medics could help. Second event - her sister’s marriage to almost ten years older lord was not that great. When Gertrude was 25 years old, she was found dead. It seems that her husband was quite a brutal and temperamental man. He killed Gertrude and was punished accordingly for that.

Lucienne felt absolutely devastated that three children of her sister were left without a mother. She also felt bad spending so little time with her sister after the marriage. So, she allowed children of her sister to know that they are welcomed at her home, to spend summers or even more. It happened that those children spent almost all of their days till they came of age at Lucienne’s home. She was loving but strict aunt and mother. Unfortunately, Gertrude’s children have always remained Cherevin, and as such their future had to be determined by that family. Lucienne could just give advice, support or try to communicate and negotiate with Cherevin leaders.

As a woman absolutely interested into the prosperous and happy life of her family members, Lucienne always kept her keen eye focused on her children’s and her nephew’s, and her nieces’ personal lifes, doing everything what she could that they would have everything what was best for them in Lucienne’s opinion.






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