Fullname: Luka
Played by: Adhiraj Chakrabarti
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthdate: June 18th
Class: Commoner
House: None
Occupation: Horse Trader
Province: All along the long road
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Milosh (father), Kazmira (mother)
Siblings: Sandor (brother), Pesha (brother), Mirela (sister)
Marital Status: Single
Children: None yet

Known Information

Luca is a young Tsingano that has a gift with animals, especially horses.


Every man has a story. Mine is not all that interesting. I was born in a small kumpania. We were horse traders, and I was practically born on horseback. My father was a genius when it came to horses, and I learned at his side. My entire childhood was around animals. In some ways, they were as much my family as my own family. My father held much respect for his way with horses. As much as he was respected, so was my mother. She was wise beyond her years, for she was born with the Dromonde. Unfortunately, just as I inherited my father's gift with horses, I also inherited my mother's gift of the Dromonde.

It was my mother that foresaw the trouble. But of course, the foolishness of youth never listens. It was not the fact that it was forbidden for me to know the Dromonde that got me in trouble, but it was my heart. You see I fell in love with someone that was already promised to someone else. Esme was meant to marry into another kumpania and solidify a union between the two. She and I fell in love with each other. We were discovered in each other's arms. The marriage was ruined and ended before it ever began, and I was cast out of my own kumpania. So I walk the long road alone, until I find a new kumpania, all the while, knowing that if the fact that I have the Dromonde that I was be forever cast out of my people.




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