Louna Jeanette Baphinol
Fullname: Louna Jeanette Baphinol
Played by: Poppy Drayton
Gender: female
Age: 27
Birthdate: Sep 12
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Baronesse de Monteaux
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Marital Status: married
Children: None

Known Information





(1311-10-27) One In, One Out
Summary: Jehan-Pascal looks in on the newest member of House Baphinol (and his mother), in a moment...

(1311-10-26) The Hospitality at Bedarrides: Blood and Birth Fluid
Summary: The jewel at the center of Avignon County's public improvements opens for the public to...

(1311-09-28) Great Exhibition: Tiberian Banquet
Summary: House Baphinol hosts a Tiberian banquet in the classic style. RL Date: Sat Sep 28, 1311 ...

(1311-08-10) A Soft Opening
Summary: Jehan-Pascal visits Louna in Monteaux lands to discuss the opening of the Hospitality in...

(1311-03-02) The Baphinol Have The Music
Summary: Jehan-Pascal of Baphinol unfolds his plans for the tax year to the Comté leadership, to...

(1311-03-02) On Les Bedarrides
Summary: Jehan-Pascal and Louna discuss a certain underused property of value to them both. RL...

(1311-01-15) Of Horses, Futures, and Cheese
Summary: Louna and Tancred run into Oliver and Henri while they are each out riding. A pleasant...

(1310-11-26) Cruel Intentions
Summary: Gregoire drops by to discuss the incident with Fenris, and Louna uses the opportunity to...

(1310-11-25) Mud-Slinging
Summary: Louna and Fenris finally meet. Words are said and then mud is slung. RL Date: 1310-11-25 ...

(1310-11-06) Airing the Closet
Summary: Gregoire checks in with his wife after his recent visit to the temple of Eisheth. They air...

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