Leandra Aragón
Fullname: Leandra Agustina Aragón
Played by: Penélope Cruz
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthdate: May 6
Class: Foreigner
House: Aragon
Occupation: Aragonian Visitor
Province: N/A
Country: Aragonia
Parents: Mother and Father
Siblings: Diego Francisco Aragón, others
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information


As a girl that is a cousin to the Aragonia king Leandra was granted a bit more privileged than women normally get but not by much. Her childhood was filled with getting the proper education expected of her station.

Being related to the king as a result made LEandra a mix of daring and arrogant. She believed she could do whatever she wanted, provided it did not catch the attention of her king and family. So, she did. Often she would ditch the guards placed upon her to sneak out of the family estate to explore around town. She, of course, did her best to hide her identity so the likelihood of her being caught was limited.

However, in one of her adventures out of the family estate someone did discover who she was and took her hostage.THe people who caught her were just a band of fairly skilled bandits. The leader happened to catch a glimpse of Leandra sneaking out of her family estate while he was observing it to see if there was a chance that he could get inside and eiter steal as much as he and his bandits could or take someone of importance hostage. Leandra, in his opinion, pretty much offered herself to him by sneaking out.

Leandra, at first, tried to resist, earning her some pretty rough knocks, though, the bandits were mindful of the fact that things would go bad if anything serious happened to her. Besides, they wanted top dollar and damaged goods might net them less. The money that could be gained was more important to the bandits than harming Leandra.

The people sent to collect Leandra, after having gotten a letter from the bandit leader, used the pretenses of negotiating terms for Leandra's release but it was, perhaps inevitably, a slaughter of the bandits. They meddled with a relative of the king, after all. Some might have escaped but the leader was definitely taken into custody. Leandra never heard what happened to him after that.

Though word of Leandra's sneaking out and kidnapping was not publically announced, the intent was to keep the potential panic limited, rumors did start to circulate around the estate of her family. Whispers about her being improper for a woman related to the king. The increase of guards on her seemed to feed into the rumors. This irked Leandra's older family members. Having a woman around who cast doubt upon them just wouldn't do. Lessons on how she must behave were increased, like her guards, and her freedom became far more limited. There were discussions on what more could be done. When word of Diego possibly being sent to Terre D'ange reached the older people of Leandra's family the decision was made on what to do with her.

When Diego was chosen to got Terre D'ange lands Leandra was sent along with him, with strict orders to behave. She understood why she was sent. She was to be used for political gains. She was not entirely against it, nif at all, since she heard the freedoms afforded in Terre D'ange were quite vast.


Impulsive Aragonian Woman.

Leandra is a cousin of the Argaonian King and was sent along with her brother Diego, the Argonia Ambassador, to be used as political fodder.



(1310-05-19) Ducal Court
Summary: Ducal Court at the Palace of Marsilikos takes an unexpected turn, when a messenger arrives...

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