Laurent de Somerville
Fullname: Laurent de Somerville
Played by: Travis Fimmel
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthdate: May 10th
Class: Noble
House: Somerville
Occupation: Unlanded Lord
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Huguet de Somerville, baron of Thiviers & Iolande Arguil de Somerville
Siblings: Evelyne de Somerville, Older brother
Marital Status: Bachelor
Children: None

Known Information

Recently arrived to Marsilikos after 6 years, almot a full third of his life, abroad. He is the second born child of Huguet de Somerville, baron of Thiviers, and his wife, Iolande Arguil de Somerville.


Laurent was born and raised in his families home in L'Agnace as the second child of the Baron of Thiviers, Huguet de Somerville, and his wife, Iolande. The blood of Anael running through his veins was obvious from a young age, shown most clearly by his natural affinity with animals, his love of nature and the mild scent of apples that surrounds him when emotions run high. As such, most of his childhood was spent playing in and exploring the lands surrounding his home, often with his brother, and later his sister, at his side. He was always a wild spirit, going places he shouldn't, getting into trouble, and getting hurt trying to impress his siblings or simply to test himself.

Childhood only last so long, however, and as they grew, so did the looming shadow of his brother. Competetive in nature and eager to earn the respect of his father, it was not easy for Laurent to accept being second by default, and his rebellious streak became more prevalent during this time, much to the chagrin of their parents. Laurent did show a natural talent for swordplay, horse riding and the active study of nature, but his free spirit and fiery soul didn't lend itself well to the classroom and the more traditional arts. It put a strain on the brothers' otherwise close relationship, especially as his brother started to be initiated into, and learn, things that Laurent was not privy to. To Laurent, it seemed like his father and brother grew closer while he was left behind.

Shortly before Laurent's fifteenth birthday, his father informed him that he had made arrangements for Laurent to accompany his uncle, a d'Angian diplomat by the name of Henrique Arnault de Somerville, on his travels, acting as his personal assistant. He wasn't to return home until he recieved word from the family to do so. Needless to say, Laurent didn't accept this easily, but there was no changing his fathers mind. If he couldn't tame and guide Laurent's wild spirit, maybe his brother could. Less than a week later, Laurent was on his way to Marsilikos to meet up with his uncle and board a ship heading for the far east.

As it turned out, his uncle had a story very similar to Laurent's own, being the younger brother of Laurent's father. His uncle could explain things in a way that his father either couldn't, or simply never bothered to. It took some time, but the two of them grew close, and Laurent grew to accept and understand his part in the world and in the family, even if he didn't like it or want it. It was odd that it was here, farther away from his parents and siblings than he had ever been, that he would really learn and understand what family means.

With acceptance came focus, and the following years saw Laurent learn to calm the fire inside and adhere himself to the teachings and example of his uncle. They spent the majority of the time in first Hellas and later Khebbel-im-Akkad, but they visited several other countries on shorter assignments, including Bhodistan and Ephesium. As time went and he continued to improve , he was afforded more freedom to explore and experience the lands, people and cultures on his own. Starting at the age of 18, around a year after arriving in Khebbel-im-Akkad, Laurent was granted permission to train in the art of blades alongside the Khalif's sons, under the tutelage of the royal family's champion, a special present from his uncle who had noticed his nephew's natural skill and potential and used his connections and personal friendships at court to make it happen.

The next 3 years went by fast as Laurent continued to develop his skills and composure, meeting, and often exceeding, his uncles expectations. It wasn't the life of adventure and glory that he had imagined as a child when dueling his brother with sticks and branches, but he was determined to prove to his parents that he could excell at whatever task they put in front of him.

He started making friends amongst the younger nobility in Nineveh, where him and his uncle stayed when not traveling, and was introduced to the society on a much more personal level than in his work for his uncle. He mastered the language of Akkadian in both it's spoken and written form. He continued to improve his skills in the sparring pit and was even allowed entry into some less formal tournaments, one of which he won. He fell in love with a girl whos heart he could never win and had his own broken. This and much more, all while working alongside his uncle, never neglecting his duties and responsibilities.
Then one day, a little over six years after he had last set foot in Terra d'Ange and much sooner than he had expected, the letter calling for his return arrived. The letter contained little in terms of information as to why he was to return now, it simply instructed him to return to Marsilikos on the first ship possible and to send word back to L'Agnace once he had arrived there. Excited but unsure of what to look forward to upon his return, he started making preparations for the journey home.



evelyne Evelyne de Somerville/Sister : The person I have missed the most by far while away.
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