Fullname: Kalisha
Played by: Hellblade Cosplay Images (random)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown to the public
Birthdate: Unknown to the public
Class: Unknown to the public
House: Unknown to the public
Occupation: Unknown to the public
Province: Unknown to the public
Country: Unknown to the public
Parents: Unknown to the public
Siblings: Unknown to the public
Marital Status: Unknown to the public
Children: Unknown to the public

Known Information

Kalisha's unconcious body has been found on a shore close to Marsilikos. She has been brought to the healers. The young woman looks to be a foreigner. Rumor has it, that she can speak d'Angeline's tongue.






(1311-09-04) Confrontation
Summary: Two Gotlander ladies engage in a secret meeting and swordplay. There can only be one! RL...

(1311-09-02) We Will All Go Our Separate Ways
Summary: Prince Andre comes to say goodbye to a young Gotlander. RL Date: Sun Sep 08, 1311 ...

(1311-08-31) The Trial
Summary: The trial of Kalisha, held at the ducal court and presided by the Duchesse de Mereliot. ...

(1311-08-21) He's Trying to Save Her Life
Summary: Prince Andre (or shall we call him a Mr. Detective now) pays another visit to the foreign...

(1311-08-18) Dungeon Visit
Summary: Elin meets Kalisha. RL Date: Sun Aug 18, 1311 Related: Incident at the Palace Plot ...

(1311-08-12) You Could be Best Friends
Summary: Prince Andre pays a visit to the Prisoner. He brings in some refreshments and a serious...

(1311-08-10) Society Can't be Changed in a Day
Summary: The priest has paid a visit to an unfortunate foreigner in the Citadel's Dungeons. RL...

(1311-08-06) Why don't you leave?
Summary: A young guardsman brings a Skald to take a look at the prisoner. Both foreigners bond by...

(1311-08-01) Permission to Visit is Granted
Summary: A breakfast has been brought to a foreign prisoner and she was visited by a friend while a...

(1311-07-31) Kalisha is Questioned
Summary: A sergeant of the City Watch questions Kalisha, about the incident at the palace. RL...

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