Jérémie nó Eglantine
Fullname: Jérémie no Eglantine
Played by: Aleksander Gajzler
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthdate: September 26th
Class: Courtesan
House: Eglantine
Occupation: Courtesan
Province: l'Agnace
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Emelie no Eglantine and Renaud no Camellia
Siblings: None he is aware of
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: Nope

Known Information


Jeremie is the son of Emelie no Eglantine and Renaud no Camellia. His mother was an Eglantine courtesan and painter of no small renown, whos works still adorn the halls and chambers of some of the foremost families of the country, and who had become obsessed with the idea of motherhood. After all, what greater creation is there than life itself? His father was the Dowayne of Camellia House at the time, a man embodying the canon of his house in both beauty, charm and taste, and the man his mother had decided that she wanted to father her child. She was successful in her seduction and the two enjoyed a short but passionate romance during the winter of 1286. She never told Renaud that she had lit a candle and said a prayer to Eisheth before spending those days and nights together, and she only ever revealed the identity of the father to her Dowayne and her sister, Marie, who was also a courtesan of Eglantine House. Sadly, Emelie passed away only hours after giving birth, leaving the boy to grow up without knowing either of his parents. He was taken in by his aunt Marie who was a recent mother herself, giving birth to Jeremie's cousin Crispin less than a year earlier. She raised him until he was old enough to join the fosterlings of the house with his cousin. His aunt told him the identity of his father after he had completed his marque, but he has not confronted him about this or told anyone.

It quickly became obvious that the performing arts was where his particular aptitudes lay. He had a remarkably beautiful voice, a creative mind and a natural talent for music, composing and performing his own pieces already from an early age. He received training to nurture and grow these talents as well as lessons in other skills that would be useful on both the stage and on the arm of a noble, such as acting and dancing. It was also discovered that he possesses what the healers called 'Rainbow Sight', the ability to see sound as color, serving to explain his instinctive sense of pitch and tone as well as making him stand out and greatly heighten the interest of possible future patrons. He debuted at sixteen, and less than two years later he had his last appointment with the marquist. He is an accomplished composer and pianist and is regarded as one of the foremost vocal talents in the country, often contracted to perform at the many parties and fetes held by the nobility of Elua, as well as acting as a voice coach to those of the nobility wishing to learn or improve such skills, including to a few undisclosed patrons rumored to be of highly prominent status. He has always been very picky when it comes to patrons, even more so since his marque was completed, a luxury he has easily been afforded by his popularity as an artist, and the majority of his assignations of a more intimate nature has been with a small number of long-term clients, making him an elusive and coveted prize to claim for those others that has managed to secure an assignation with him.

When he is not performing, teaching or working on a new project, he can be found in the company of his closest friends, Daphne and Noir. In public, unless he is performing, he is practically never seen without at least one of them at his side. They bonded early on as fosterlings and have remained close ever since. He is known to be in a relationship with Daphne. They have been officially known as lovers within the house since their marques was completed, but it is no secret that they have always been more than friends, the two of them always at each others side, holding hands, sneaking chaste kisses and performing what other little gestures of affection they could when they felt like they could get away with it, until they could at last consummate their relationship on the Longest Night after they had debuted. They compose music for one another and she writes lyrics for many of his songs, and they often perform together. The three friends have long talked about retiring or going independent one day, and recent developments hints at that time perhaps drawing close.




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