Jelene Rousse
Fullname: Jelene Agnelet Rousse
Played by: Katerina Martinovska
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: April 27th
Class: Noble
House: Rousse
Occupation: Former Vicomtesse de Draguignan
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Dargon Rousse, Vicompte de Draguignan (d.) and Aveline Charlot (d)
Siblings: Older Brother (d), Drake Rousse (21); Probably others. Her father was a Dragon, after all. ;)
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: None

Known Information

The Rousse clan from Draguignan is known far and wide for their red hair and hot tempers. Perhaps more well know, however, for their famous deep red wine, known as Dragon's Blood.



There is a legend that says a red dragon once slept here, on the land I was born to. It is also said that long ago, Eisheth herself woke the beast and made love to it, thus giving birth to this branch of the Rousse family. It is further said that the dragon, so distraught that his lover parted from him, terrorized the land and people for a long while, until one day, a forefather and great priest of Elua, one Herman Rousse, slayed the dragon and saved the people. It is finally said that the reason we Draguignan Rousse's have red of hair is because we are the children of Eisheth and the dragon.

It is all utter nonsense, of course, made up no doubt by some fanciful ancestor.

Well, the whole dragon part. We are indeed the children of Eisheth, but everyone knows that dragons do not truly exist.

Or do they?

My father was Dargon Rousse, the Vicompte de Draguignan. Just like his father before he, had blazing red hair. Wanting to stregthen the bloodline of our Dragon clan, he chose for a wife a young woman of Kusheth. My mother was Aveline Charlot. They had two of us. My older brother, whom I adored, and myself, Jelene. I also have a younger brother, born of one of my father’s lovers. He is named Drake. All three of us are red of hair. I was not ever meant to be the heir, though I was educated just as well as my older brother. I even attended University of Angeloume, though I must confess, I was mostly an average student. While my brother graduated, I was not able to, for in my second year of University, my parents took ill and passed away. My older brother, of course, became the Vicomte de Draguignan, or as the name implies, the Red Dragon. Yet, just six months later, he too passed away to the Terre d'Ange beyond, killed in a jousting tourney. So I had to leave my studies and become the new Red Dragon, the Vicomtesse de Draguignan.

I suppose many might say I am cold, yet others will say I am very hot. In truth, I can be either or. I have the hot, wild blood of the Dragon Clan running through my veins, but though I take after my father in coloring and fiestyness, I inherited not his scion's traits. That being Eisheth. Instead, I inherited my mother's. That being Kushiel. It is precisely what my father wanted when he chose my mother, for he felt that Eisheth's blood and Kushiel's blood mixed together would produce a mighty Dragon. I would not say that I am mighty, however. Instead, I would say that I am calculating and am rather self assured. I do not fear much and I do not surrender. I also take my pleasure where and just how I see fit and do not make it much of a secret. I can sometimes intimidate people, especially if they make me angry. Yet, to those that get to know me and can peel beneath my Dragon's prickly scales, they will see I can be a very loyal friend and ally and also a just a girl, who likes to dance and have fun. I greatly enjoy politics and intrigue, which is why I have come here to Marsilikos. As a new Vicomtesse of the province, it is only natural that I come to meet my peers, form alliances and taste what pleasures the city has to offer.

As for marriage? I still have plenty time to birth my heirs. It is not something I really think about, honestly. Besides my duties to my land and vassals, and to Eisande itself, I also have my little brother, Drake, to take care of. He is a spoiled, good for nothing currently at the University of Tiberium. A rake and a gambler, he causes me nothing but trouble.

Our region has grown very prosperous by the cultivating of grapes and wine making. We are known throughout Terre d’Ange for our rich blood red wine named Dragon’s Blood.

Thus concludes my story. Whether I am truly a Dragon or not, who knows?






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