Jehan-Pascal de Baphinol
Fullname: Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol
Played by: Nicholas Hoult
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Birthdate: May 22
Class: Noble
House: Baphinol
Occupation: Heir to the Comté d'Avignon
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Hercule Prospero de Baphinol, Comte d'Avignon, Lisette Charlot de Baphinol
Siblings: Dior Baphinol nó Rose Sauvage
Marital Status: Unwed
Children: Two, with his lover

Known Information





(1311-03-02) The Baphinol Have The Music
Summary: Jehan-Pascal of Baphinol unfolds his plans for the tax year to the Comté leadership, to...

(1311-03-02) On Les Bedarrides
Summary: Jehan-Pascal and Louna discuss a certain underused property of value to them both. RL...

(1311-02-27) Read To Me
Summary: Jehan-Pascal brings Emmanuelle a birthday present. Two, counting his own fair self....

(1311-02-24) Garden Celebration Masque
Summary: A fete is held at La Rose Sauvage, to celebrate Marielle becoming Second of the White...

(1311-02-18) Not So Far To The Left
Summary: Jehan-Pascal comes to ‘visit’ Emmanuelle and meets her grand-daughter Hélène again, in the...

(1311-02-18) A Rendezvous at Raziel's
Summary: Acquaintences are renewed, and some new ones are made, in an afternoon at Raziel's Sanctum....

(1311-02-17) Just See
Summary: Jehan-Pascal takes an interest in his cousin Inesse's marital prospects. Inesse returns the...

(1311-02-16) The D-Word
Summary: Public and private selves collide when the heir to Avignon invites the former Dowayne of...

(1311-02-16) Ducal Court
Summary: Matches are announced, and uncomfortable questions are asked. RL Date: Sat Feb 16,...

(1310-12-15) We Have Peaches This Morning
Summary: Breakfast at Emmanuelle Shahrizai’s Elua pied-à-terre. (Warning: Mature, Mandragian themes....

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