Jean Shahrizai L'Envers
Fullname: Jean Shahrizai L'Envers
Played by: Henry Cavill
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Birthdate: October 20th
Class: Noble
House: L'Envers
Occupation: Vicomte de Tonnerre
Province: Namarre
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Roderic Jehan de l'Envers and Martine Josephine Ambellina Shahrizai
Siblings: TBD
Marital Status: Lover
Children: Marc-Antoine L'Envers

Known Information


Jean L'Envers is the Duc's firstborn. For reasons that are sometimes obscure to others, he's somehow purchased the entire Marque of a noble-born Alyssum whose debut he had won. Either it was as a challenge to his overbearing father or just part of his capricious nature, but it demoted him in the line of succession and he was given a Vicomte as appanage.

However, one may be wise not to mistake those consequences as being inept in any way. Jean has shown acumen and diplomatic precision at several points in the past, and likely, if one is to ask him, this is only a temporary setback to prove his worth and earn his father's good Graces - and Duchy - once again.




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(1311-08-31) The Trial
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(1310-11-16) A Vicomte's Return
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(1310-11-12) Skirmish
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(1310-11-10) Harsh Justice
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(1310-10-12) Considered Opinions
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(1310-10-08) Receiving of Presents
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(1310-09-21) Indecent Proposals
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