Isolde d'Eltoine
Fullname: Isolde d'Eltoine
Played by: Anya Chalotra
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Birthdate: January 1st
Class: Noble
House: Eltoine
Occupation: Unlanded Lady
Province: Camlach
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Vicomte Henri Eltoine & Isadora l'Envers de Eltoine
Siblings: An older brother, several younger.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

A noble woman from Camlach, one who is just as fierce as any other warrior from that province and perhaps a bit more frightening. She is a dark haired amazon of a woman with just enough charms to pass as a proper lady when need be. But is she really tameable? You can put jewels on a viper, but that doesn't make it any less deadly after all….


Isolde d'Eltoine is the first daughter and second child of one of several Vicomtes under House Eltoine. Henri Eltoine had the good fortune to win the heart of a L'Envers woman named Isadora. The couple had a son, a handsome Scion of Naamah. Henri prayed thier next child would show the blessings of Camael, it never occured to him the next child might be a girl. Isolde was her name. Far fiercer and more passionate than her brother much to her fathers ever persistant confusion and his mothers dispair. Isadora wanted a lady daughter, Henri saw a potential warrior. They both got thier way as Isolde grew up, learning both the battlefields of lady politics and that of the actual battlefield. She may have not been very good at the courtly dances but her passion made up for it. She did however have a natural gift with a blade. She took to swordplay easily, prefering a proper sized sword to a lighter dagger or rapier that most ladies used. Her mother had a fit when she went to serve at the Skaldi border for a time. After she returned, healthy and looking more alive than her mother ever remembered Isadora finally put her foot down. She convinced Henri to send his daughter to Marsilikos in the hopes of making an alliance and finding a proper husband. Isolde was ambitious as well as hot headed, she wasn't as good at being a lady as she was at being a fighter. But somehow she has made things work for her so far.





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