Isla Cherevin
Fullname: Isla Rosalie Cherevin
Played by: Taylor Swift
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Birthdate: November 5
Class: Noble
House: Cherevin
Occupation: Lady
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Donatien Xavier Cherevin & Roxane Shahrizai de Cherevin
Siblings: Several
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

The second child and firstborn daughter of the Marquis de Cherevin, Isla is known in Kusheth as the Golden Rose of Cherevin. Beautiful and alluring yet distant and almost completely focused on her family and personal ambitions for its growth. She is rumored to be working on behalf of her father to gain new trade ties and business arrangements for her family.


Isla Rosalie Cherevin, or as she would later come to be known the Golden Rose of Cherevin is the second child and first daughter of Donatien Xavier Cherevin, Marquis de Cherevin. She inherited her pale hair from her mother Roxane Shahrizai de Cherevin's side of the family and it made her stand out. Her beauty was unmistakable as she grew and rather than hide her away her father prepared her for the world. She learned a bit of dueling for self defense along with dance lessons. She learned finances and trade and the basics of politics. She was also interested in the family business of horse breeding far more than her elder brother was. She faced a bit of envy from him truth be told as she managed to draw their parents attention and affection without even trying.

As she got older, Isla began to gain attention in a different way. Her father encouraged her to seek the attention of the lords that sought her favor but she was careful in all her dealings. One thing Isla had trouble with was affection outside her family, she felt like anyone who offered it wanted her to pay for it in some way. To her everything was business and politics, she never learned to see beyond that. She wanted to make House Cherevin the greatest house in Kusheth but that duty fell to her brother, much to her well hidden disdain.

So with permission from her father she left her families estates to seek trade deals elsewhere on behalf of Cherevin. She may not be the heir but she will still do what she can to help her family succeed and pray to the Companions that they don't marry her off.

The Golden Rose of Cherevin they call her, a beauty with sharp thorns who has thus far managed to be unobtainable. But who knows if that will last?





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