Isabelle Valais
Fullname: Isabelle Valais
Played by: Morena Baccarin
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birthdate: August 5
Class: Noble
House: Valais
Occupation: Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre D'Ange
Parents: Roul Valais (Terre D'Ange), brother of the Comte de Digne, and Melisande Aragon de Valais (Aragonia)
Siblings: Other brothers and sisters
Marital Status: Unavailable (for very good and many reasons)
Children: None

Known Information

A talented fashion designer, after spending most of her life abroad, Isabelle returns to the land of her birth to spread her growing overseas reputation for the art in Terre D'Ange. Or at least, that's what she would tell anyone. The outside world is rife with secrets, and given the young woman's adventurous, reckless and crafty demeanor, she has brought some home with her…


The second child and eldest daughter of Roul Valais, brother of the Comte de Digne, Isabelle is considered by most to be the prodigal daughter of House Valais as she spent most of her life outside of Eisande. Brilliant regardless, however, blessed with a prodigious talent for avant garde fashion design since she was young. Some say the Comte's brother eventually discovered the secret in taming the young lady by simply taking her everywhere with him while he engaged in the serious business of pursuing and implementing the family's ambitions outside of the kingdom and bleeding off her adventurous and fiery spirit in the process, and subsequently, it is during these voyages from home in which her talents in design truly developed and thrived, taking artistic inspiration from various cultures and using them to put new, fresh spins on established D'angeline classics. With a growing overseas reputation for her work, she returns to the land of her birth no less passionate, but tempered by experience - an artist, polyglot, savvy businesswoman and accomplished huntress, popular word indicates that she recently acquired Courtly Couture with her own funds to function as a storefront for her designs, with every intent to transform it into the most exclusive haute couture house in Terre D'Ange.






(1310-12-08) Laroche
Summary: Isabelle meets the personal healer of the Ducal branch of the Morhban family, Gustave...

(1310-11-29) Consortship Ceremony
Summary: Gemma and Thadd's consort ceremony and reception. RL Date: 29/11/2018 Related: Thaddeus...

(1310-11-12) The Press of Business
Summary: Thaddeus de Trevalion escorts his would-be consort and would-be wife to Courtly Couture,...

(1310-11-11) Triple Or Quits
Summary: At the recommendation of his friend, the future duchesse de Roussillion, Symon Perigeux...

(1310-11-11) Her Craven Heart
Summary: Putting her affairs in order ahead of a dangerous mission to Kusheth, Isabelle calls upon...

(1310-11-10) Miles To Go Before One Sleeps
Summary: In the safe, quiet, and secret confines of La Maison Sanglante, Armandine Mereliot, the...

(1310-11-08) Pirates, Assassins and Bandits
Summary: Augustin de Trevalion looks in on his friend and occasional bedmate, Isabelle de Valais, a...

(1310-11-07) Out To Lunch
Summary: Isabelle Valais and Jehan-Pascal Baphinol meet in their regular luncheon to trade in gifts,...

(1310-11-03) The Chirurgeon Is In
Summary: Isabelle de Valais and Alcibiades Rousse meet before the house of Emmanuelle nó Mandrake de...

(1310-11-02) Thorn Debut Aftermath
Summary: As debutant and some guests depart, others still linger for social mingling and chitchat. ...

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