Isabeau Joia Cherevin
Fullname: Isabeau Joia Cherevin
Played by: Bella Hadid
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Birthdate: 16th December
Class: Noble
House: Cherevin
Occupation: Vicomtesse de Chailland
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Maison Cherevin (d.), Solange Toluard de Cherevin
Siblings: Alas, yes.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

Known Information

The Vicomtesse de Chailland, a skilled mistress of horse as well as an accomplished breeder of horses.


Ambition. Drive. Ruthlessness. The traits which formed the very core of House Cherevin. And that core was tempered by a punishing work ethic. There was no other standard by which to measure the worth of a Cherevin than success. This then, was the world into which Isabeau Joia Cherevin was born. First daughter to Maison Cherevin, the Vicomte de Cherevin, and his wife, Solange Toulard de Cherevin. There were other children who came after, of course, but Isabeau did not concern herself with those, not then, nor does she now. To her mind, then, they were more rivals for her father's time and her mother's affections than siblings to be loved or cherished. Now, they are only pawns on the board to be used to the best of their and her abilities to grow the power and influence of the House.

Such vagaries of birth, aside, Isabeau was set to the task of success from the days of her earliest memory. The House's main stock and trade were in horses. Both the fearless and rugged horses built for war, and the more refined and elegant horses such as were used for the nobility and for acts of performance and display. And that was where Isabeau began her training. Learning to ride became learning to show the horse and to compete in the noble escapades of dressage. From that first stage, as she grew, she learned the ways of breeding, or refining and selecting this quality of that to achieve the desired specimen. In that, she learned at her father's heels, acquiring from him his skill at judging the quality of the horse and the success of a stud. From her mother, ever a scion of her Siovale heritage, turned the girl's mind to the trick of bargaining, trading and the proper acquisition of resources that would benefit the House, whether or not it might be a detriment to another. It was, by all accounts an unlikely pairing, father and mother, but they offered the girl the best of both worlds. The opportunity to learn to properly apply the skills of both body and mind to succeed.

The majority of the girl's life was spent in travel with her father, as Maison traveled from province to province, from country to country, seeking always for that special trait or acquisition of horse which would allow him to breed better, more capable and unique lines of horses which he could then use to grow the riches and influence of the House. Every journey was a revelation for Isabeau. Some new tidbit to learn, some new technique of inquiry or influence to learn. She was, at the age of twenty and five then, seen fit to assume her roll as one of her House's primary horse traders and breeders, her focus on the sleek riding horses which bore in them a strain of such fleet beasts as roamed the lands of Khebbel-im-Akkad. She had achieved nearly all, having acquitted herself well as both a servant of her House and as her father's heir. And she would continue to grow the family's wealth and prestige until she was, rather unexpectedly thrust into the seat her father held. An unexpected and sudden illness, which, by all accounts had given the family no warning, took Maison in Isabeau's thirty-third year, and she was elevated to Vicomtesse in his place. She took nearly a year to establish her place of power within the House before she made the decision to expand the ranging of the House and made the journey to Marsilikos, to seek new partners and new prospects. The House had always done exceedingly well, but she was determined it should do better still under her rule.





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