Irene d'Eresse
Fullname: Irene d'Eresse
Played by: Maddison Jaizani
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Birthdate: 5th of July
Class: Noble
House: Eresse
Occupation: Unlanded Lady
Province: Eisande
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Jean-Luc d'Eresse, Fantine Valais d'Eresse
Siblings: Belmont d'Eresse, Gauge d'Eresse
Marital Status: Unattached
Children: None

Known Information

A young lady of House d'Eresse and youngest sibling to the Baron of Beaucare.


Irene is the youngest child of Jean-Luc d'Erresse and Fantine Valais d'Eresse. Having three boys in a family, Irene became a true joy to their mother.

When she was just a child, Irene showed a natural desire to seek adventures, however, she always seemed to know when there is time to have fun and when there is time to sit down, shut up and just listen. The girl always seemed to find time to misbehave by sneaking into a kitchen and stealing a slice of a cake or hiding in the stables with a couple of her favorite horses and servants' kids. However, she has always been there where her presence was demanded and even her clothes were in a best shape by that time not giving any clues about her adventures. One can call it a good time management!

Irene also seemed to get along with everyone. She has been taking all lessons as a proper lady and that allowed her to acquire a wide scope of knowledge. It became helpful in finding conversation with almost anybody. Though, while she loved finding new friends in all levels of social classes, she adored spending time with her family majority of the time.

It was very hard for Irene to deal with the loss of an older brother and father, but she focused on sketching (her favorite class and activity). This way she not just improved her ability but also distracted her thoughts and, finally, found peace.

While Irene loves luxurious life, she is not scared to take a broom and clean her room, if needed. She is not scared to take care of someone's wound or tutor a younger cousin in the fields she has good knowledge of. The desire to seek for adventures still is inside her young heart but she knows her duties and Irene is adaptive enough to find a golden middle between her desires and what others expect her to do.






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