Iphigénie nó Valerian de Maignard
Fullname: Iphigénie nó Valerian de Maignard
Played by: Carmen Dell'Orefice
Gender: Female
Age: 65
Birthdate: January 15th
Class: Noble
House: Maignard
Occupation: Dowager Vicomtesse
Province: Kusheth
Country: Terre d'Ange
Parents: Gauthier Almund Maignard (d. 1278), and Odile Eugénie Shahrizai de Maignard (d. 1293)
Siblings: Several
Marital Status: Widowed, with a consort
Children: Four Three

Known Information

The Dowager Vicomtesse de Rothéneuf, Iphigénie nó Valerian de Maignard, arrived in Marsilikos in the summer of 1311 seeking a sunlit retirement and the attentions of Eisandine healers to her chronic joint pain. With her she brought her consort, Marius Lefebvre nó Mandrake, and a small staff of discreet Kusheline servants with whose aid to unshutter the Maignard townhouse long fallen into disuse.




philomene Vicomtesse de Gueret : The most prideful woman in Terre d'Ange, possibly? Through her good offices Iphigénie obtained a cutting of a most unusual variety of hemp, the smoke from which goes a long way toward easing her pains.
ortolette La Malade Mereliot : An odd and savage child prowling the ducal palace in a marvelous wheeled chair, made for her by a Marsilikos craftsman whose name Iphigénie was eager to obtain…
aurore Vicomtesse Regent de Ferrand : ???
odile Lady Odile Delaunay : She attracted Iphigénie's attention for her name and her taste in books.


(1311-11-19) Purposeful Pain
Summary: The Rose Sauvage’s popular new adept, Alienor, pays her first visit to the marquist’s shop ...

(1311-11-11) Not Very Bright
Summary: Raphael calls to thank Iphigénie for her advice in a small matter relating to the Rose...

(1311-11-09) The Thorn in Autumn
Summary: Iphigénie visits the Rose Sauvage to enjoy a last look at its gardens before the winter...

(1311-11-07) Four Curtseys
Summary: Two servants of Naamah, representing in their way the past and the future, meet when making...

(1311-11-02) Particular Customs
Summary: Raphael emerges from a period of seclusion and, paying a call upon Iphigénie, finds her not...

(1311-09-30) Tender Buttons
Summary: When Raphael takes tea with her again after a lacuna, Iphigénie produces one last patron...

(1311-09-15) Peach Pit
Summary: A tale of scarce resources and metaphor extension in Raziel’s bookshop. Business as usual,...

(1311-09-10) Thoroughly Stung
Summary: Raphael falls afoul of Iphigénie’s little helpers. Artistic criticism ensues, with an...

(1311-09-08) Thinking About Bees
Summary: Two ailing women of deceptive appearance and unusual taste, dwelling together unexpectedly...

(1311-08-28) Brief Advantage
Summary: Raphael receives a gift from Iphigénie and comes again to take tea with her. But will he...

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